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Do you ever just not know what to post about? Normally I have tons of ideas floating around my mind for these bookish items. Today I don’t have the lightbulb lighting for me. So I decide to participate in Book Beginning on Fridays. This meme was created by Rose City Reader.

The idea is to post the first sentence or so of the book you’re currently reading. After that you talk about your initial thoughts about the sentence, book or anything to do with that. I don’t know how often I will do this, but it seems like fun from time to time.

WARNING:  We are continuing with our Throne of Glass week, which means if you haven’t read this series yet, you could encounter spoilers in this post!

This is one of our most anticipated releases and we’re excited! To make this post a bit more interesting, besides the first line of the book we will be telling you about the questions we hope are answered by the end of this book!

“He had been hunting for her since the moment she was taken from him. His mate. He barely remembered his own name.”


Kingdom of Ash is going to break my heart. Just reading these first few sentences gave me goosebumps! If you’ve read the series so far, it’s not hard to tell who this is. When I’m typing this, it’s a few days after release day and to be honest I haven’t started this book yet, haha.

I don’t know, because I’m not completely ready for it to be over? Even though I know it’s going to be amazing and very emotional. So many people are in tears reading. I had to finish a couple of other books first, so I should be able to start this weekend.

But back to business, what questions do I hope to have answered by the end of this book?

What characters are going to survive? Sarah has said the only character that will for sure survive is Fleetfoot, haha. After ACOWAR I’m not too worried, but I am at the same time, because I would be surprised if everyone walks out all okay.

Will Chaol get back to them in time? After Tower of Dawn, we know he’s on his way with help. And a lot of information, but will he be there fast enough? I know ToD played out the same time as EoS, but still!

Where will Manon end up? She is slowly starting to realize that she is more human than she may want to admit. Feelings are getting her to question her way of life.

Will Dorian end up ruling his Kingdom? We know he’s not seen as King, but will fight for it. Then again, we don’t even know if he will survive, any of them really! Haha. I do hope he gets a happily ever after!

How will Aelin escape? Being stuck behind iron is a big thing! Will she be rescued? Does she find her own way out?

What part will Elide play in this book? I have a feeling she’s going to be more special than we realize. I don’t know why I think this, but it’s just a feeling I’ve had!

What will happen to the Cadre? Besides the wellbeing of my favorite characters, this is what I want to know the most. They’ve been helping the other side, so what happens when Maeve is near? Will they be able to fight what they know is wrong?

Okay, I think I need to give Isabelle a turn now, haha. If I were to write down all of my questions, I would be here a few days!

“She was Aelin Ashryver Galathynius—­and she would not be afraid.”


I have started reading KoA already and therefore have some answers already but obviously there are still more questions to be answered! There won’t be any KoA spoilers here and I’ll talk about the questions I had before starting this book. I had to put the book down for a bit every now and then, partly because I want to savor it and partly because I just need a minute to process it all haha. This is such an epic series and there is so much going on. I might already be forgetting details and I can’t wait for my first reread. But for now, let’s take a look at some of my questions.

How will the Lock be forged? This is a pretty big question and is possibly tangled up with the who will survive question. I hope there will be a plot twist involved around this one!

How will the Yielding come into play?  This honestly scares me! There hasn’t been too much said about the Yielding but I’m so scared one of our favorite Ironteeth witches will use this last resort.

When and how will Maeve’s heritage be revealed? This has also to do with Chaol probably. I can only imagine how everyone is going to react to this crucial bit of information.

What’s going on with that owl that’s always next to Maeve? I hadn’t given this too much thought but saw someone mention the owl and I realized we do see mention of it quite a lot. And if something is mentioned this much in a Sarah J Maas book you know it’s important!

When and where will we see Nox again? Apparently it was common knowledge that Nox would make an appearance in Kingdom of Ash, but I didn’t know that until last Sunday haha. I am however extremely excited about this news, I was hoping for Nox to come back as he was basically the only side character we hadn’t seen back yet. And tying in with that:

Will Lysandra be reunited with her uncle? Lysandra deserves some happiness! I really hope she gets to meet her uncle and hopefully she’ll remember her own face again. It’s insane how Lysandra has gone from a hated character to such a beloved one and truly hope all will end well for her.

What’s up with those gods? This might be my biggest question! The gods, or whatever they are, in this book are so mysterious but also such assholes. They have been using our precious babes for their own gain and they can never give a straight answer. Will we find our where they came from? And will they try to take over Aelins body again? Or someone elses? Hopefully we’ll find out!


If you’re excited to read KoA like us, what questions do you hope are answered? If you’ve already read it, were all of your questions answered? Try and be gentle with us though! We haven’t started or in Isabelle’s case, isn’t finished yet!

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