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To continue with our Throne of Glass week, we have a Throne of Glass Book Tag today. Our friend Melissa, from Melissafandomworld made the images for this tag and will be posting her answers this afternoon. Definitely make sure to check out her blog!

Candyce: I would say a lot of books challenge us as readers to see any subject differently. For me the book that impressed me the most was The Exact Opposite of Okay. I know this is a book I choose a lot in tags and TTT, but it’s that important.

Society always makes a big deal when women have naked pictures of themselves posted all over the place. It makes the women feel they did something wrong or should be ashamed of their sexuality and men never are made to feel that way. Definitely read this book!!

Isabelle: I hate it when my answer is the same as Candyce’s but The Exact Opposite of Okay is really the book that comes to mind with this question. This is such an important read and not only for the focus on sexuality. It also talks about ‘the friend zone’ and raises some great questions I hadn’t thought of before. Please go and read this book asap!

Candyce: As a reader of a lot of romance, a lot of books make me swoon, haha. The last book that made me swoon though was Pixie Cut by Julia Wolf (my review will be on the blog soon). I love the characters together and Avi is just so sweet! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

Isabelle: The To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy really makes me swoon! I LOVE Peter Kavinsky and could read about him all day, every day. And I guess we can watch him all day, every day now on Netflix 😉 I don’t think I have to convince anyone as to way Peter is so swoon worthy right?

Candyce: I have only read the first book in The Black Witch chronicles, but the worldbuilding in there is amazing!! There isn’t a lot of action in the first book, but we learn so much about the characters and the world. I hope to read the second book before the year is over.

Isabelle: The Grishaverse has amazing world building in my opinion. I love reading about the magic system in these different books and series but also about the different countries in this world. The Six of Crows duology is by far by favorite, and I loved how much more we got to see of the Grishaverse. Ketterdam definitely has a special place in my heart because it’s partly based on Amsterdam.

Candyce: We Were Liars has an unreliable narrator and that wasn’t something I realized until the end of the book. I had my questions with some events, but still wasn’t able to figure it out.

Isabelle: I love books with unreliable narrators a lot but I always find this question tricky. It seems a but spoilery to tell you which narrators you can’t trust. So I’ll go with a book where I didn’t know if I could trust the narrator right until the end, and that is Dangerous Girls. A book I have mentioned before and one I love. I just couldn’t figure out if our narrator was telling the truth or not!

Candyce: The newest book on my TBR that has the power to destroy me is Kingdom of Ash. This book only released yesterday and I see so many people being really emotional about the first 100 pages. That is only the beginning, so I am scared, haha.

Isabelle: I have a one-track mind this week so all I can say for this one is Kingdom of Ash as well. This beast as almost a 1000 pages and in the first 300 it already had me sobbing. I’m so scared of what will happen to all our favorite characters that I started to read extremely slow haha.

Candyce: Scream All Night combines genres. It’s a hardhitting contemporary, but there are some horror elements in this book. I really enjoyed the characters and how they developed during the story, but I would definitely recommend this book to horror fans. I think they will just understand more references.

Isabelle: I finished Contagion a couple of days ago and this one combines the mystery/thriller genre with sci-fi. The story is set in space, on a different planet and it was highly enjoyable! Such a creepy and suspenseful read with a killer cliffhanger.

Candyce: That is, and always will be, Harry Potter. I always get a warm and fuzzy feeling when I opend one of those books! Reading them always feels like coming home.

Isabelle: Sorry for the repetition but if there any other answer than Harry Potter? I can’t even remember how many times I have reread this series. It will forever be my favorite and I will always be mad that I didn’t get to go to Hogwarts.

Candyce: The Blue Line Duet had a major unexpected twist at the end of the first book. I’m normally a fan of unexpected twists, but this one just didn’t feel right. I know a lot of readers were upset, haha. Luckily she made it up to us with The Perfect Duet.

Isabelle: The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle had a couple of unexpected twists. I read this novel in March I believe and it was amazing. This was an anticipated release of mine but I never imagined loving it this much. I hope everyone that enjoys mystery/thrillers picks this one up.

Candyce: ACOTAR still has the squad goals I would dream of. Throne of Glass isn’t that far behind though! These characters all make me laugh, but they all would do anything to save one of their own.

Isabelle: I love the squad in the Shades of Magic trilogy and wouldn’t mind being part of their group at all. There are some pretty complex characters in this series but I enjoyed reading about them all so so much. And I can’t wait for the spin off series!

Candyce: I am normally not a fan of cover changes and it’s not often that I like the change more than the original. Grishaverse trilogy recently had a cover change and I love the new covers. I kind of wished I didn’t have these books on my shelf yet.

Isabelle: I really enjoy the new His Fair Assassins covers, I only own the third book in this series and now I am pretty bumped about that haha. This is an amazing series and after reading the first two as ebooks, I knew I wanted to get the physical copies. So I started with the last one, since I still needed to read that one, as I have yet to do… But now I kinda want the whole trilogy in the new covers. Especially since there are going to be more books in this world.

Candyce: Clean Start by S.M. Shade has a toilet brush on the cover, haha. I said this in my review, she’s the only author I think who can get away with that. Clean Start is filled with so much humor and romance. When you read it, I guess you can understand the cover.

Isabelle: I don’t think I have a lot, or any, ugly covers on my shelves. If I don’t like the cover of a book I usually pick it up as an ebook instead of a physical copy….

Candyce: I would say the whole Wheel of Time series intimidated me. The books are huge and there are a lot of them! I’m so happy I read them though, because this is another series with amazing worldbuilding and characters. There are a lot of characters though. I definitely want to reread these books down the road.

Isabelle: All of the Brandon Sanderson books that are waiting on my shelves are intimidating haha. I did plan on picking up at least one this year and I do still plan on doing just that. But I guess we’ll have to see if I’m brave enough to pick up a beast of a book like that haha.

Candyce: A lot of books I own have been gifts, but the most recent one is An Heir in Shadow by Sofia Drake. This one was really a surprise though, because I never expected getting a signed copy in the mailbox.

Isabelle: A book that I received as a gift and one I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t read is All The Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater. I love the Raven Cycle books so so much and I don’t know why I did start reading this one immediately.

Candyce: Earlier in this tag, I mentioned the book Pixie Cut by Julia Wolf. All the books in this particular series are filled with romance and friendship. Every character makes an appearance in all of the books. I wouldn’t be upset to be a part of this group of friends.

Isabelle: I love good friendships in book! We need more of that, especially in fantasy books. A recent one with a great friendship is Dare You To Lie. This one has both a good female friendship and a male/female friendship that was amazing to read about.

Candyce: For me this is Harry Potter. When I moved to The Netherlands in 2001, I didn’t speak the language and knew no one besides my family. That’s when I started reading Harry Potter (well the first four books). They were a big support to me during that time.

Isabelle: This is a pretty hard one actually. I think The Hunger Games came right when I needed it. When I picked up The Hunger Games I wasn’t familiar with YA books, but after reading those, I went online and came across the online book community, Goodreads, blogs and found ALLLLL of the YA books haha.


This was a fun Throne of Glass book tag. We tag anybody that wants to give it a try. Just make sure to let us know, so we can check out your answers!

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  1. You two make me want to read ‘the exact opposite of okay’ so bad haha *added it to my never ending wishlist

    And I see Isa has read ‘the seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’. I’m so curious about that one!

    Loved reading your answers <3

    1. The Exact Opposite of Okay is such a great book! And a super quick read as well.
      The Seven Deaths is AMAZING, one of the best mystery/thrillers I have ever read, so many twists and such an original story <3

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