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We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since last January Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

Today’s prompt is Villains. It would be pretty easy to think of ten bookish villains, but I decided to change this a bit. Seeing how we are having a bit of a Throne of Glass week, I am going to do villains from this series in my list this week. WARNING: For people who haven’t read this series yet, there could be some spoilers!

1. Arobynn He may have saved Celaena, but he never really treated her right. She was raised to kill people and play his game. If she didn’t do as he pleased, he found another way to punish her. Even beating her so badly she was lucky to survive. What got to me most though was him having Sam killed. I’m happy Arobynn got what he deserved in the end.

2. Cain He was Celaena’s opponent in the competition to be King’s champion. He was already a pretty evil person, but there was more evil inside him than we knew at first. I wasn’t really surprised by this discovery, but it doesn’t make me like him at all!

3. King Havilliard Even though his championship is what got Celaena out of Endovier, he wasn’t very nice. All he wanted was to take over the world and control everything his own way. Hurting his son wasn’t even something that he saw as wrong. The fact that he would let one of those demon’s take over his son was just cruel. We learn right before his death that he was possessed as well, but that still doesn’t excuse everything that happened. I’m still not sure how I feel about that discovery.

4. Duke Perrington This character works too easily for the King even though it felt later on like he had his own agenda. Even trying to poison Calaena’s drink during the final fight. Add locking up his niece and wanting to create more evil creatures, he isn’t a nice person.

5. Lady Kaltain Rompier At first she’s just an annoying arrogant Lady who wants to marry Dorian to gain power. Later on she seems off, but it’s not something I figured out at first. She is evil in ways that she used poison in Calaena’s wine (even though I don’t think she knew how big of a dose she was giving). Later on it’s clear she’s being used, but she does seem evil things. I loved the ending of her story and how she was able to get back control in her own way.

6. Mother Blackbeak Manon’s grandmother is just cruel. Any emotion felt by any of the witches is punished. She raises them as pure evil. Mother Blackbeak is just evil. I love that Manon finally starts figuring out that her grandmother isn’t always right. She can feel other things than wanting to hurt and kill.

7. Maeve There are a lot of awful characters, but I would say she’s the worst! Also the biggest reason I’m afraid to read Kingdom of Ash! The way she just wants all of the Wyrdkeys and doesn’t care who pays the price. Or how she controls the ones who have take a blood oath. I hope she gets what she deserves in Kingdom of Ash!

8. The Valg These creatures are pure evil and their blood is even black. It’s so evil how they take over a person’s body and push that person out of their own mind. When Dorian was under the control of a Prince it was hard reading his parts in the book. No matter how hard he fought, he couldn’t get that control back. They need to go back from where they came from.


Okay, I can only get to eight villains. If you can think of any I missed, please leave a comment! Also I would love to see what villains you have posted about. Feel free to leave your link for me to check out!

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