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The last and final installment of Disastrous Dates, The Maker’s Match, is available. I’m a little late posting my review on the blog, but I still wanted to share my review of this fun ending of the series. For a chance at a little giveaway, make sure to read until the end!

Morgan Jones is barely keeping it together after the Date Maker proved to be a colossal failure. With the exception of two couples, everyone is unhappy with the service, Morgan has become a laughingstock around campus, and Declan Adams is still a grade-A jerk.

But does this really have to be the end of her matchmaking ways? And will she ever find a love of her own?

The Maker’s Match is the final installment of the Disastrous Dates series.


This is the story I have been waiting for since I read the prequel of this series!
As we’ve read in the previous installments, Morgan hasn’t had it easy with her Matchmaker’s business. She had the right matches, but when she sets up the dates something went very wrong. Declan noticed this and published an article about it, making her life more difficult.
Morgan decides to change her ways and start a YouTube channel. I loved that even though one thing went south, she still kept on going. Morgan is still really interested in helping people find love.
Except being so good at finding matches for others has kind of made her blind for her own love story.
Once again, The Maker’s Match left a smile on my face. It was filled with funny moments and some sweet moments that left me feeling all warm and cozy.
I think Morgan’s story was the perfect way to end this series. Once again, my only complaint is I would’ve loved so much more of these characters!

I really enjoyed this series and if you want to see my reviews to the other installments, click on the titles:

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Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, there is a little giveaway. Kayla has a signed bookmark and a couple stickers for the winner. This is even open to international readers! I know when I first mentioned this, people were having some trouble leaving comments on the blog. So you can also e-mail your answers to if leaving a comment is an issue!

To have a chance to win, what would you do if you were on a disastrous date? Give the date a chance or run away as fast as you can?

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