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Last week Candyce showed her predicted 5 star reads for the last three months this year. I have seen so many Booktube videos for 5 star predictions and love to watch them. So obviously I wanted to join in on the fun haha! Candyce did a great twist on it in my opinion and I’m just going to follow her lead. Let’s take a look at two anticipated releases per month for October, November and December I think will be 5 star reads for me. I tried to not give the same one’s Candyce did, but that was pretty hard haha.


Kingdom of Ash – Sarah J Maas Obviously I had to include Kingdom of Ash. I have been looking forward to this book for about two years! After that ending in Empire of Storms this book was NEEDED. I have rated every single book in this series 5 stars so far and I am positive this beast of a book of almost a 1000 pages will be a 5 star read as well. To be honest, I’d be extremely disappointed if it won’t be a 5 star read haha.

Beneath the Citadel – Destiny Soria I have seen some raving reviews already and I’m super excited for this one! There is a lot of rep, the story is described as engaging and unique by a lot of reviewers. And I’ve seen someone compare it to Six of Crows and honestly, what more could you want? Based on the reviews I’ve read I’m pretty confident I’ll rate this one 5 stars!



Little White Lies – Jennifer Lynn Barnes I love Jennifer Lynn Barnes and have read a ton of her books. Almost al have them have been either 4 or 5 star reads so clearly I love her stories and writing style. I love mysteries and having this one set in the world of debutante balls sounds right up my alley.

Archenemies – Marissa Meyer I loved Renegades when I finally read it in March and I’m so excited to pick Archenemies up. Superhero movies are some of my favorites and having a story like that in book form is wonderful. And I love that we don’t have clear ‘heroes’ in this story, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? Or is everyone a little bit of both? And that ending! Yes, I’m having high hopes for this one!



Fire and Heist – Sarah Beth Durst I was already super excited when this was pitched as Six of Crows with were-dragons! And the closer we’re getting the more excited I am. The cover looks beautiful and the synopsis sounds so so so cool. I own another book by this author and I need to read that one asap as well. Hopefully I love her writing style because Fire and Heist sounds awesome.

Stronger, Faster, and More Beautiful – Arwen Elys Dayton This is the one I’m the least sure about. I didn’t really love Arwen’s other series and actually kinda gave up on it after the first book. But authors grow as well and I think I might enjoy her new book more. The story sounds really cool, and maybe I’m on a bit of a sci-fi kick but I think this might actually be a 5 star read. This one also seems the have an unique format! So far, I haven’t seen that many books that are being released in December and especially not ones I have high hopes for so I hope this one won’t disappoint.

These are 6 of the anticipated releases for the last three months of the year I think will be 5 star reads for me. I hope to read them all soon and once I do, you can be sure I’ll update you all on how that went for me! Which release in the last part of 2018 do you think will be a 5 star read for you? Let me know in the comments!


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