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We’re halfway through October, which means Halloween is getting closer and closer. As you know we already tried choosing some books for the spook-a-thon a friend is hosting, but you can never have enough creepy reads. What are some creepy reads we want to add to our collection for next Halloween?

As I Descended – Robin Talley This book came out a year ago and I have heard of it before. I love the cover, but it’s just never made my list. It also has some mixed reviews, but I am really curious. Characters that will stop at nothing and rumors of dark powers sounds like a good combination.

Dreamfall – Amy Plum Another one with many mixed reviews on Goodreads. Like I’ve said before, I never let that stop me from trying a book. I can’t imagine being stuck in a nightmare with no way out. Or make it worse with realizing you’re stuck, but can’t do anything to change that. Yeah, let’s try and read that without getting nightmares, haha.

MARY: The Summoning – Hillary Monohan A friend of ours just finished reading this and said it was very spooky. All I know is that it’s probably a book that will make you want to sleep with the lights on. Bloody Mary is something I think most of us have heard of and it’s something that I have always found pretty creepy.

The May Queen Murders – Sarah Jude I have actually heard of this book and to be honest, I’ve never heard anyone talk about it. Is this a hidden gem? I love stories with towns that have dark secrets! Add a missing person and things can get really nuts. The cover is gorgeous, but very creepy.


Carrie – Stephen King I want to pick up a Stephen King book and this is one that really speaks to me! The story is pretty well-known and I don’t expect any surprises but I would love to see the original story. It also seems like a good way to find out if Stephen King is for me!

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys – April Genevieve Tucholke This anthology sounds pretty cool and has a couple of authors that I really enjoy contributing to it. I don’t read that many anthologies, and I’m not sure if it’s my thing or not, but this is one I would love to try out. Also, that cover looks really cool.

Bad Girls Don’t Die – Katie Alexander This one has been on my radar for ever. I think probably since I’ve started using Goodreads haha. The premise sounds pretty good, creepy dolls, a possibly haunted house and maybe even a possessed sister. I had a quick look at the average rating and some of the reviews and it look decent enough. Maybe after three years I will finally pick this up haha.

After the Woods – Kim Savage I added this one about 2,5 years ago and haven’t heard that much about it since. The story sounds quite scary, especially since it’s realistic! Only one of my Goodreads friends read the book, but she absolutely loved it so that’s a good sign.



So these are some of the creepy reads we hope to add to our shelves before next Halloween! What is your favorite creepy read?

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