Review | Murder’s a Witch – Danielle Garrett

October, and Fall in general, is the perfect time to read witchy and thriller/mystery stories. So when I came across this cosy mystery series Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery I knew I had to listen to the audiobook in October. And as soon as October started I listened to Murder’s a Witch, the first book in this series by Danielle Garrett. Curious what this one is about, and what I thought about it? Let’s get into it!


I really like this cover! It has the perfect Fall/Halloween colors and that made me want to pick it up now even more. You get the witchy vibes from the cover. And while it’s a pretty simple cover, it’s one I really enjoy. You get a sense of the story within the book and that’s all we want from a cover, right?


Murder’s a Witch is about our main character and witch Holly Bolt. For unknown reasons, Holly had to move to Beechwood Harbor where she lives and works among humans. Her roommates are a vampire, a shapeshifter, and something else, while her landlord is a ghost. Then a murder happens, surprise surprise, and Holly finds herself in the middle of the investigation.

This plot isn’t anything unique or anything special, but that wasn’t what I was looking for in this story anyways. It is a fun cosy mystery with paranormal elements. The perfect book (and cover might I add) to read around this time of year. Holly has a lot of secrets and throughout the story you get to know a couple of them. You can already tell that more will be revealed in the next books, so we’ll keep getting some extra plot lines next to the murder mystery. I believe the book only has 200 pages, so you will fly through it.



Holly is our main character and a witch. As I said, she has a lot of secrets and it was interesting uncovering some of them. She is a likeable character and I enjoyed reading about her. There isn’t much character development yet, but I expect more of that in the next books. This book was pretty much an introduction to the characters and the world.

There are a couple of secondary characters and I hope to see more of most of them. Holly’s roommates, mostly the vampire and the shifter are quite interesting and their interactions made me laugh. Holly has the sweetest colleague and I can’t wait for the moment she realizes Holly is a witch!  These characters don’t show any development either, but again, I’m expecting and hoping that the development will happen in the next books. And then again, these aren’t the books I’m reading for spectacular character development 😉 I did really enjoy reading about these characters!



This is pretty much an urban fantasy, so the story is mostly set in the modern world. However, there are some interesting things mentioned and I’m excited to see more of that. I also enjoyed the magic that was used and Holly’s potion making. There are a lot of different species mentioned and I’m guessing there are a lot more that aren’t mentioned. That means this series can go so many ways!

I absolutely flew through this first book in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery series and I for sure want to read more books. This book was exactly what I was expecting from it and while it wasn’t anything special, it was very enjoyable.


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