Review| The Purloined Prophecy – Morgan G. Farris

Earlier this year I read The Promised One and even posted an interview with Morgan on the book. I LOVED that book and was so excited for the sequel, The Purloined Prophecy. Thanks to the author I had an ARC and was able to read and review. The Purloined Prophecy was released on October 2nd and all I can tell you is that you NEED to read this series now!!

“She was the one believed to fulfill the prophecies, you see. She was the long-awaited one. That is why she was killed, no doubt. And that is why there are those who swear she lives.”


A single kiss saved their fabled love. But the same magic that saved them might also destroy them.

Prince Ferryl knows that war is coming for the kingdom of Navah. It doesn’t help that he is betrothed to the niece of the enemy king. But now that Ferryl’s memories of the love of his life Elizabeth have been restored, the real questions begin: Who has magic? Who is using it against them? And who is Elizabeth, really?

When a dying prophet insists the answers to their questions lie in the peaceful kingdom to the north, Prince Ferryl and Elizabeth—with the help of a few friends—set off on a journey to the mountains in search of an absolution that will save the kingdom—and hopefully their love once and for all.

But a prophecy long-since forgotten awaits them—and an unexpected twist of fate may damn their love forever.

The Purloined Prophecy is the second book in the highly-acclaimed Chalam Færytales series. Packed with page-turning mystery, breathtaking imagery, and swoon-worthy romance, this epic færytale will enthrall readers from the very first page.


The Purloined Prophecy starts off right after the The Promised One ends. Ferryl has his memory back and finally thinks he will be able to get his happily ever after with Elizabeth. We all know things are never that easy though, haha.

Once again, we get a book filled with different POVs. Ferryl, Elizabeth, Delaney, Michael and Titus are the ones who tell us their stories. All these characters have received a place in my heart. I have come to love them all.

Morgan has created an amazing world and characters. Her writing sucks you in and I couldn’t put the book down! There is still so much mystery surrounding Elizabeth’s past and what is going on with Ferryl’s father that it really had me thinking through the whole book. I tried to think of theories and just when I thought I was on to something, there would be in an event in the book that would blow my mind!

Besides being action packed, The Purloined Prophecy is an emotional rollercoaster ride! Just when I thought Elizabeth and Ferryl could start their happily ever after, the Queen got in the way. I love how determined Ferryl is to find a way that their love can be enough. Even when Elizabeth says they can only be friends, he just won’t take no for an answer. I had a feeling certain things would happen with Delaney and I was right! I felt so bad for her, because in the end she was just a piece of a puzzle that was used. She never had a say in anything. I really hope she gets a happily ever after! Same for Michael. Everything we learn about him broke my heart.

On top of all the emotions, a lot of politics was going on as well. Heading to a new kingdom for help, Ferryl learns a lot of new things. I love the description of them travelling. I would want to visit there as well. All I wanted was snow while reading this book. On top of that, Elizabeth’s world is turned upside down when certain secrets are revealed. So many things fell into place, but is also left me with so many questions. I loved how things turned out, because even when I had a feeling things would go a certain way, they were just a bit different.

Magic is starting to play a bigger part in this series and I can’t wait to see how this story continues. The ending of The Purloined Prophecy left me happy, but shocked. I can’t believe how it ended! I can’t say too much without spoiling of course! I was happy to hear that this series will have eight books. I don’t even think that will be enough.

This series is now on my list of favorite series! I need more!!


The Purloined Prophecy was 616 pages and still not enough for me!! I can’t wait for the next book so I can read how this amazing journey continues!

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