Review| The Exchange – M.F. Lorson

Earlier this year I reviewed the book Stage Kiss by M.F. Lorson and loved it! Now she is back with something completely new, The Exchange! A time travel book with a little bit of romance. Thanks to the author I received an ARC of this book that will be released on September 25th. To see what I thought of it, keep on reading!

He came forward in time.

She changed his world.

What happens if he doesn’t want to go back?

Ari hates the Institute and everything it stands for. But to save her father’s job, she’s agreed to help host a time traveling exchange student. She only has to behave for 3 months while he’s here, then off he goes back to 1903 where he came from. Easy peasy, right? There‚Äôs just one problem. The more time Ari spends with James the harder she falls for him.

James is eager to leave behind his hard life as a farmer to escape to 2030 where he may actually have a future. His term at the Institute is three months, but he has zero plans of returning home ever again. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, though, he needs an ally. Could his reluctant host, Ari, be the one to break the rules?

Fans of Ruby Red and The Here and Now will swoon for a love that spans the decades.


First of all, thanks to the author for sending me an ARC to read and review! Second of all, look at that cover! I am normally not a fan of people on this cover, but this one fits the story so well! And after reading this book I completely get it!

This is definitely an interesting concept. There is an exchange where people from the past can go to the future for three months so that later generations can learn from history. Ari isn’t such a fan of The Exchange and it’s gotten her in trouble quite a few times. After one last mistake, she has to help out. She is there to help James who is more than happy to head to the future!

That’s when things get tricky and aren’t what they seem. The Exchange really got me thinking, what would I do if I was sent to the future? Or how would I feel if I met someone from the past? Changing history isn’t supposed to be possible, but what if it was?
Ari was a character who I thought developed a lot in this book. As I was reading, I definitely understood her not liking The Exchange.
James was such a fun character as well. I love seeing him experiencing things for the first time! He definitely had a lot of hard choices to make. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.

That ending left me wanting more, because near the end there are quite a few twists I did not see coming. The author created a brand new world that really kept me interested and wanting more. The Exchange really left me thinking of how something like that could change the world!
The only reason why this didn’t get five starts is I would’ve liked more background on her best friend and maybe more interaction. I also think a lot of the action took plae at the very end, I think it would’ve been interesting seeing them try and figure out the puzzle a bit sooner, so that we could’ve gotten more time with that.

All in all an amazing book though and I can’t wait to read more in this world!

I am really excited for the sequel to The Exchange! This book leaves you hanging, but not in a bad way. I think I want to read some more time travel books soon! Any suggestions?

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