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Earlier this summer I read and reviewed The Art of Taking Chances. Kelsie Stelting put together this anthology and wrote a story for it as well. I loved reading this book and when she asked me if I wanted to read and review her new book, Becoming Skye. It sounded really good, so I got my copy. What I thought of Becoming Skye can be read in today’s post!

Is she ready to pick up the pieces of her broken life?

Skye wakes up in the hospital with her world turned upside down. She can’t play sports, but that might be the least of her problems. The nightmare life she leads at home traps her between reality and the carefree girl she wants to be.

When she goes from almost-never-been-kissed to kissing two guys in a week, she has to make a choice no amount of studying could have prepared her for. Can sweet nothings and flirty texts help Skye escape her pain, or will they just lead to more heartache?

Continue reading this clean and wholesome contemporary, coming-of-age series that shows the best and worst of what it means to be a teen in the heart of Texas.

Part of The Texas Star Series, Becoming Skye is the second of three contemporary young adult books that will appeal to fans of Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and books by John Green, Nicola Yoon, and Becky Abertalli.


This is the second book in this series and I have to say, I haven’t read the first one yet. The author said it shouldn’t be an issue and she was right. In the beginning some things were a bit confusing, but once I really got into the story, I wasn’t missing a lot.

I read Becoming Skye in one sitting. It sucked me right in from the start and that didn’t stop when I was done. Skye wakes up in the hospital after surgery and she thinks her chance at a scholarship is shot because of her injury. I didn’t realize how much of an issue this would be for her until getting further in the book. Her parents are awful to her and rather abusing. I can completely understand her wanting to get out.

Skye starts to find her escape in debate (another way for her to get a scholarship) and she meets a guy and gains a best friend. The boy she has been crushing on for ages even starts noticing her. That makes things complicated for her, because of previous incidents (which I believe happen in the first book).

I love the connection Skye has with her debating partner, best friend who lives far away and Andrew. Even if things are tough at home, she slowly finds a support system who is there for her. It was great seing her develop during this book. Skye starts out pretty insecure, but by the end she really does gain some confidence. The confidence her parents have been beating down.

The only reason this book didn’t get five stars from me is because near the ending it’s clear Skye still thinks to a certain point she needs a guy to make her happy. When things don’t work out with one it’s like she needs to dive right back in. I think after everything Skye went through and how strong she has become, a little time just being Skye would’ve been great. And I secretly hope she ends up with the crush at school she dates for a little while, haha.

All in all, I really enjoyed this and it was way too short. I can’t wait to read more about Skye!


Contemporary is still one of my favorite genres! What is the best contemporary you’ve read this year?

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