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It’s Thursday again, which means it’s time for a tag. Yesterday I saw The Book Life Tage on a blog I hadn’t seen before: Adventures of a Bookish Girl. The tag looked like a lot of fun, I mean who doesn’t want to create their own bookish life?

Who Would Your Parents Be?

This is one I don’t even have to think about! My parents would be Arthur & Molly Weasley. They may be quirky and have more kids than they seem able to handle, but they are so loving and caring! I think Arthur would be a fun father as well, because he constantly wants to discover new muggle items.

Who Would Be Your Sister?

Another one I don’t have to think about for very long. Cath from Fangirl would be my sister. I am definitely an introvert as well. And I can be a major fangirl about series that I love. It would be fun having a sister who could relate to that. Just like is described in the book. Her twin does fangirl with her as the books come out, but college does kind of change that.

Who Would Be Your Brother?

This one is actually a hard one, there isn’t a character that pops up right away! I think Cassian or Azriel would be fun to have as a brother. They’re really protective of who they love, but are also all for teasing and beingĀ  a family.


Who Would Be Your Pet?

I am currently rereading Queen of Shadows, so I think I would choose Abroxos. He is supposed to be an evil creature who only wants to see blood, but he even stops to smell the roses, haha. Well other types of flowers. He is protective and seems to be able to communicate. I would need a bigger place for him to live with me, but that would be a lot of fun!

Where Would You Live?

There are a lot of fictional places I would love to live, but Velaris is the first one that pops in my head. After reading the novella recently, I would love to spend the holidays there. It sounds really beautiful anyways, but as a fan of Christmas and the winter wonderland idea, I think Velaris is a good option! Other than that I would love to sit with a book in their house in front of a fire!

Where Would You Go to School?

Just like I had no problem thinking of who my parents would be, I don’t have to think about this one either. Hogwarts is definitely my dream school. And not only because of the lessons and adventures there, but just the vibe there would be amazing! I think I would be very happy there!

Who Would Be Your Best Friend?

I would have to say Katy from LUX. She is a major fan of books and has her own blog! I think I would get along great with her. On top of that she gets involved with an interesting family of aliens. I don’t think time with her would be boring, haha.

Who Would Be Your Significant Other?

Is it wrong if I say choosing just one is hard? Haha. I read so many books and also romances that make my book boyfriend list so long! The most recent character I added to this list is Jasper from Cabin 12 by Freya Barker. He is sweet, protective, funny and goes for what he wants. He seems like a lot of fun!


It was so much fun creating a bookish life, but really hard to pick just one thing! Haha. I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you tag yourself, please send me the link or tag me in it! I would love to see your bookish life!

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