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Our friend Kwante from Kwante in Wonderland is hosting a Spook-a-thon readathon challenge next month to celebrate Halloween. Now we don’t really do Halloween in the Netherlands but that doesn’t mean we can’t do a bookish Halloween and possibly watch some themed movies <3 We’re both pretty bad at sticking to a TBR so we decided to do like a loose TBR. Kwante came up with a couple of challenges for the Spook-a-thon and we just want to show some of the books we might possibly read. We would love you all to help us pick our books for this readathon!

The Spook-a-thon is going from October 13th till the 31st and we’re both super excited to read some spooky books from our TBR’s. These are the challenges accompanying the readathon:

?#HauntedMansion : Read a book with a creepy cover or show us your book in a creepy reading spot. (that obviously needs to look a bit like a Haunted Mansion)

? #HocusPocus : Read a book with a supernatural element like ghosts, vampires, witches, werewolves etc.

? #UrbanLegend : Read a horror or (YA) thriller

? #TheDevilsHour : Read a book after midnight!

? #HalloweenCoverHunt : Read books with covers that have Halloween colors: black, orange, red or Halloween theme’s: pumpkins, skulls, etc.

? #AllHallowsEve: Read 6 books in total

So let’s take a look at some of the books we might pick up for the Spook-a-thon!


I don’t know if I will end up reading these books, but I can at least give it a try, haha. Here is what I think I will feel like reading now, this may change! A lot of books have been released lately that could really be put in the spook-a-thon. I may read more than these ones, but I will discuss that when we post our wrap up post!


?#HauntedMansion : Scream All NIght has a creepy cover with some type of haunted mansion. This is also the group read in the TBR & Beyond book group. I have also heard great things about this one, so I can’t wait to give it a go. It seems like the perfect Halloween read.


? #HocusPocus : City of Ghosts seems like a good book for this prompt. Isabelle and a couple of friends of ours have read this one already and really loved it! It’s not a huge book either, so I don’t think this will be a problem!


? #UrbanLegend : A friend of ours recently read Contagion and said it was really good! I normally don’t read Horror books, but this one definitely makes me curious! I think this is one I will definitely want to read with the lights on.


? #TheDevilsHour : I recently read Stalking Jack the Ripper and enjoyed it! Hunting Prince Dracula is the second book and it’s another one that I think matches the Halloween season. The main characters are off to Romania which can be a spooky thing I think!


? #HalloweenCoverHunt : I recently bought Hocus Pocus & the All New Sequel – I know for sure that I will be reading this one. It’s been calling to me since it was delivered. This is definitely the perfect Halloween read.


? #AllHallowsEve: I kind of see this one as a freebie. I really want to start a reread of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. I know this is a pretty spooky read and it’s been awhile since I read this trilogy.


I have such a hard time picking a TBR! These are all books I possibly want to read and I will later fit them into the categories haha 😉 I could definitely use your help picking which books will make the cut! The titles are all clickable for links to the Goodreads descriptions.

Hunting Prince Dracula – Kerri Maniscalco

This one is super high on my list and it very likely to be read.

The Diviners – Libba Bray

I heard so many good things about this one and have been wanting to read it for quite a while.

This is Our Story – Ashley Elston

I didn’t get to it last year but really want to read it this fall. It seems like a read I would highly enjoy.

S.T.A.G.S. – M.A. Bennett

This one seems a little bit similar to the previous one and I will likely only read one of the two.

The Screaming Staircase – Jonathan Stroud

A MG that has been on my TBR for about 3 years, oops. I would love to read a MG for this challenge.

Girl of Nightmares – Kendare Blake

The conclusion to the Anna Dressed in Blood duology, always nice to finish series haha.

Written in Red – Anne Bishop

Another one that has been on my TBR forever. It is a massive one so I might not pick this one if I want to complete all challenges haha.

Vassa in the Night – Sarah Porter

Would love to cross this one of my TBR and to have read a bookbox book. It also sounds super intriguing.

Death Note vol 1 – Tsugumi Ohba

What would a possible TBR be without at least one manga/graphic novel? Wish I had more to include!

Half Wild – Sally Green

I have read the first one years ago and really need to continue this series.

The Wrong Train – Jeremy de Quidt

I bought this one in London and had started it but put it down so I could read it for the Spook-a-thon.

Night Film – Marisha Pessl

I have been listening to the audiobook for this one for a while, which is a good thing since it’s massive haha. Might be my audiobook for this readathon.

Contagion – Erin Bowman

Another possible audiobook that also sounds amazing! And would be fun as a buddyread with Candyce

The Last Academy – Anne Applegate

If I need another audiobook I’ll probably go with this one. Doesn’t sound super unique but fits nicely with the theme.

Have you read any of these books? What were your thoughts? And are you planning on reading any Halloween related books? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Bookish Item | Spook-a-thon

  1. Ohhhh Candyce you already got them in the categories ♥ I’m so wanting to read City of Ghosts! So bummed I don’t own that one yet…. maybe…maybe…. no I can’t…

    @t Isa STAGS is such a good but weird book! Def. read that one!
    Kwante in Wonderland recently posted…Recensie | Fataal, Eva BurgersMy Profile

    1. Yes, I (Candyce) tried preparing categories. I will try and stick to them, haha.

    2. Okay, just moved STAGS higher up the list haha. Although I keep coming across other books on my shelves or on Storytel that I really want to read as well haha. So many books….

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