TTT #45 | Hidden Gems part 2

Since I don’t really make TBR’s and I recently posted a Bookish Item with the 19 books I would like to read before 2019 it feels redundant to do a Fall TBR TTT. So I decided to pick another topic and I actually really liked Candyce’s prompt last week. I looked at the number of ratings on my Goodreads read shelf and pick 10 books to talk about that have a pretty low number of ratings.

1.Animal Noir – Izar Lunacek
Num. of ratings: 17

I was extremely surprised when I saw how little ratings this one has. This graphic novel has a super interesting premise and I highly enjoyed reading it. I cannot believe is has only 17 ratings on Goodreads! Please check this graphic novel with anthropomorphic animals out. We follow a P.I. giraffe and it’s pretty dark. I wish this had more volumes because I want more.

2.The Infernal Guard trilogy – S.G.D. Singh
Num. of ratings: #1 88, #2 41, #32

Candyce already mentioned this one but I just couldn’t pass up this chance to mention this series. I absolutely loved these books and this world. It’s a lot of fun reading about different cultures and this urban fantasy does it so well. There are a couple of cliches in here but there are also some very unexpected twists!

3. The Blackheart Legacy – Liz de Jager
Num. of ratings: #1 575, #2 149, #3 65

This is another pretty surprising one for me. I must admit I have never heard of anyone reading this but I very much enjoyed the first two books and have planning on picking up the last one for a while. This is an urban fantasy and has an interesting mystery. There are also some surprising twists and that’s always a plus for me.

4. All the Feels – Danika Stone
Num. of ratings: 890

I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one but did enjoy for sure. It’s one of those cute fluffy contemporaries I enjoy every now and then. I didn’t realize this one wasn’t very well known and hope more people will pick this one up.

5. God’s Gym – Leon de Winter
Num. of ratings: 1056

This one is a Dutch novel but it has also been translated in English. I thought this was quite the emotional read and would highly recommend it. It’s an adult contemporary novel, so¬†pretty far from my comfort zone haha. This is such a beautiful story and it deserves more love.

6. The Exact Opposite of Okay – Laura Steven
Num. of ratings: 1302

I was so surprised seeing this one here. While it’s fairly new it was still released over half a year ago and I thought it was pretty hyped. Apparently I was so wrong about that! I would like to urge everyone to please go and read this one. it’s really funny and has such an important message, or multiple important messages actually.

7. Divided We Fall – Reedy Trent
Num. of ratings: 1657

I read this one years ago, back when I was super interested in YA dystopia novels and this one sounded super interesting. It also seemed pretty fitting with the events going on during the time I picked this one up. I might pick up the sequels, after talking about it I want to know where this story is going and how it is all going to end!

8. The Break-Up Artist – Philip Siegel
Num. of ratings: 2268

I loved this super cute contemporary novel. The story isn’t anything great but it’s written quite well and is super enjoyable. I very much enjoyed this one and would recommend it to anyone wanting to read something easy and fun.

9. Ascension (Phobos #1) – Victor Dixen
Num. of ratings: 2465

This French novel got translated in Dutch and in English. I read the first two books in this series in Dutch and saw later that there is an English publisher giving you all access to this addictive sci-fi series. These books aren’t super special but they’re so much fun to read and they really pull you in.

10 How to Lead a Life of Crime – Kirsten Miller
Num. of ratings: 3058

I loved this book! After looking at it forever I finally got it at Barnes and Noble last year. I was so happy to find this at the bookstore and read it pretty soon after getting it. This book was right up my alley and I might reread it soon.

These are 10 books/series that could be considered Hidden Gems! All of these books deserve more love and I hope some of you might pick up a book or 2 from my list <3

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