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Do you ever just not know what to post about? Normally I have tons of ideas floating around my mind for these bookish items. Today I don’t have the lightbulb lighting for me. So I decide to participate in Book Beginning on Fridays. This meme was created by Rose City Reader.

The idea is to post the first sentence or so of the book you’re currently reading. After that you talk about your initial thoughts about the sentence, book or anything to do with that. I don’t know how often I will do this, but it seems like fun from time to time.



“The labor, when it began, was hard and full of blood. Nothing less was to be expected from a war queen, especially one so battle-hardened as Queen Philomene.”


I haven’t started Two Dark Reigns yet, but should have at least started when this post goes up! Two Dark Reigns is one of my most anticipated releases of 2018. Unfortunately my copy was delayed or I honestly think I would’ve finished it already.

Isabelle and a few friends of ours have already started reading it and are impressed. I think just as the first sentece describes, I think this book is going to be full of blood. There is definitely something going on. I expect a book full of twists and surprises I will never see coming.

After reading the novellas in this series, I do have some predictions of things to come, so I am curious to see if I am right. From what I’ve seen online, Two Dark Reigns is going to leave us wanting more! Keep an eye on the blog, Isabelle and I are going to be posting a buddy review at the end of the month!

After reading this sentence, would this be a book you would pick up? Does it make you want more?

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