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The moment I came across this tag on Booktube I knew that was going to be my next tag haha. I’m a huge Potterhead and having just been to the studios in London I’m currently even more obsessed with everything HP. So I saw this tag on a couple of channels but ultimately got it from G’s channel Bookroast. I would highly recommend you watching her videos and her Harry Potter Spells book tag after you read my answers 😉

1. Expecto Patronum: A childhood book connected to good memories

It’s probably to easy to say Harry Potter but we all know I want to haha. I guess childhood book needs to be a bit earlier still, the problem is I only read or was read Dutch books by then. For that reason I don’t really like these kinds of questions as most of you won’t know the books I’m talking about. A book that comes to mind is Ziezo by Annie M.G. Schmidt, one of the most famous Dutch children’s literature authors. This book has all kinds of little poems in there and my favorite one was Isabella Caramella, and yes that was definitely because of the name haha. Another one that comes to mind, that more people might know it Inkheart. Love that series <3

2. Expelliarmus: A book that took you by surprise

That would be Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake. I got this one in an Owlcrate 2 years ago and hadn’t heard that much about it. When I started reading it I was expecting it to be another story where 3 people fight over something but it’s already clear who’s going to win because of your main character. However, in this book all 3 queens are main characters and there’s no way of knowing who’s going to come out on top. I read the book in one day because I just couldn’t put it down. A lot of people complain that the book is super slow but I never felt that way. There is a lot of character development in my opinion and I guess not that much action but that didn’t bother me at all. I’m currently reading the third book and I’m loving it so far!

3. Prior Incantato: The last book you read

The last book I finished is Crazy Rich Asians, I picked it up because the movie trailer looks amazing and I heard so many good things about this book. It read like a wonderfully addictive drama series and I just couldn’t get enough of it. Definitely will read the next books in the trilogy, but I first want to watch the movie. Everyone seems to love the movie so I have high hopes.

4. Alohamora: A book that introduced you to a genre you had not considered before

This is a pretty difficult one! I guess I hadn’t really considered reading graphic novels until I picked up I Hate Fairyland. That one just sounded so wonderful and hilarious that I decided to pick it up. And it was exactly what I was expecting. After reading that one I also got a couple of Archie comics, since I love Riverdale so much. And all of a sudden I got hooked on graphic novels haha. Not so great for my wallet but highly enjoyable and pretty good for my reading challenge haha.

5. Riddikulus: A funny book you’ve read

The first book that comes to mind for this one is My Lady Jane! Candyce and I read this book in January and we both regretted not picking it up earlier. I laughed out loud so much while reading this book and would highly recommend it to everyone. The sequel, My Plain Jane is not as funny as My Lady Jane but I still really enjoyed it. And I’m extremely excited for My Calamity Jane, altough we have to wait until 2020 before that one is released.

6. Sonorus: A book you think everybody should know about

This tag is more difficult than I was expecting! A trilogy I really enjoyed and I think is very underrated is the infernal Guard Trilogy by SGD Singh. I would love it if more people picked that series up, Candyce and I read them last year and we loved it. This urban fantasy is rooted in Hindi mythology and has wonderful characters. I can’t tell you all enough to give this series a chance, I would love to fangirl with more people about these books.

7. Obliviate: A book or spoiler you would like to forget having read

I don’t think there are any spoilers I know about and I definitely don’t want to forget about any books. The only thing I can think of is forgetting some of the mystery books I read. I would then go with Dangerous Girls, my favorite YA mystery ever. Once you know how the mystery unravels there’s no use to reread it anymore. But I would love to experience that book for the first time again. With other books I wouldn’t want to forget them since I get something new from them every time I reread them!

8. Imperio: A book you had to read for school

For English we read Pride and Prejudice, not really my kind of thing. A book I read for Dutch Literature is The Discovery of Heaven. I obviously read it in Dutch but it is also translated. This is a pretty big book, 730 pages, and as my teacher pointed out there is a lot about architecture. However, that didn’t bother me one bit. The story is quite intricate and I was completely emerged in the story. I truly think this book is a masterpiece and if you ever want to read something by a Dutch author I would highly recommend this one.

9. Crucio: A book that was painful to read

If There’s No Tomorrow is the first one that comes to mind. I bawled my eyes out while reading this book. Such an emotional story! I don’t want to say too much, this is definitely a book you want to go into not knowing anything. All you need to know is to keep tissues close by for the moment you will inevitably start crying.

10. Avada Kedavra: A book that could kill (interpret as you will)

My edition of Lady Midnight. It’s not the biggest book I own but it is the biggest hardcover I have. It wouldn’t surprise me if you could actually kill someone what that book haha.

I really enjoyed doing this tag! If you want to do it too, please tag me in it so I can see your answers. Let me know in the comments which book introduced you to a genre you hadn’t considered before.

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