Wishlist Wednesday| Back to School

September is the month that school starts up again, so we only saw it fitting to do a back to school Wishlist Wednesday. A lot of books take place at a school or academy. We decided to see which ones we don’t have yet, but wouldn’t mind adding to our collections.

17285330The Last Time We Say Goodbye – Cynthia Hand

This is a book that I have seen around a lot, but just haven’t gotten around to buying. I think this is going to be a very emotional read, but also very interesting. The only books I read with this author involved are My Lady Jane and My Plain Jane. I haven’t read anything only by her yet!

I’d Tell You I Love You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You – Ally Carter852470

Lately I have been interested in mysteries and thriller books. I love trying to guess what’s going on! I love the idea that there is a school training spies. I’m sure this gives us a lot of interesting moments, but also a lot of funny moments!
Little edit from Isa: I’ve read this series and highly enjoyed it! So yes, go get it haha.

16134551Fallen Crest High – Tijan

I think this series is closer to the New Adult genre, but I’ve seen it around. This seems to be a series you either love or hate so I am curious.  I am willing to give it a try though, because most people on my friends list on Goodreads rated it pretty high.

Etiquette & Espionage – Gail Carriger10874177

Another book with a school that not only teaches the girls to be proper, but also how to spy. Once again it’s a book I have seen mixed reviews about. I don’t know if and when it will be something I read, but it does seem interesting. I love the title.
Another edit from Isa: also read this one haha. Haven’t read the rest of the series but I definitely enjoyed this weird, magical, steam punky book!

A Great and Terrible Beauty – Libba Bray

I have read Beauty Queens by Libba Bray and absolutely loved it, The Diviners is still waiting on my shelves to be read but I’m pretty sure I will love that one as well. Recently I’ve seen some mixed reviews for this book but I would still love to check it out myself. To be honest I don’t really know what this one is about but I do know it’s a historical fiction fantasy series and I do enjoy those. Definitely need some more of those on my shelves so this one is high up!

Never Let Me Go – Kazuo Ishiguro

I believe this one has been on a pretty recent Down the TBR Hole, but I’m not 100% sure about that haha. The synopsis for this one is pretty vague but since it’s a mystery novel, with some science fiction elements I believe, I like it better when it’s kept vague. These are not the kind of books you want to go into knowing a lot so I hope to be surprised by this one soon.

Heist Society – Ally Carter

As I mentioned, I read Ally Carters other series; Gallagher Girls and I read the first book in the Ambassy Row series. Heist Society ties in with Gallagher Girls and there is a little bit of an overlap. One book in the series features characters form both series if I’m correct. Sounds pretty cool to me! These books aren’t super high quality but they’re so much fun and you fly through them. Would love to binge read this series as well.

Flunked – Jen Calonita

I believe this is a Middle Grade fantasy series and it sounds wonderful! The School for Good and Evil is one of my absolute favorite MG series ever and the synopsis for Flunked gives me a similar vibe. Cinderella’s stepmother is full of regret and founded the Fairy Tale Reform School, there we follow some of the students on their mission to become good. Obviously there’s more going on and I can’t wait to find out what that’s all about. Book 5 is set to release next year so I have some catching up to do!

So these are a few books that take place at some sort of school. What back to school books do you think we need to check out?

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