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Not too long ago, I stumbled upon this author’s instagram account. I loved the title of her upcoming debut novel. She then reached out to me to see if I would like to read and review It Goes Without Saying. This book sounded really interesting, so I couldn’t say no.


Throughout Bria’s teen years, Knox was her rock, her person, her constant—but never her boyfriend. And for all those years, she told herself that was exactly how she wanted it to be.

Yeah, right.

Knox wasn’t the one that got away—he was the one that never was.

Now, Bria’s full-on adulting, and she’s crushing it. She’s got a grown-up job, a lush D.C. apartment, a dreamy med-student fiancé. What more could a girl want?

But when a family crisis lands her back in her hometown of Dalesville, she finds herself face-to-face with the one thing she always wanted and never had: Knox.

But she’s determined to keep her feelings for Knox in the past. It doesn’t matter that he’s as charming as ever, and looks even better with age. It doesn’t matter that she discovers huge sacrifices he made for her, way back when.

Nope, it doesn’t matter.

. . . Right?


I have to start off by saying that I love this cover! The colors, the font and even the models just kind of click. I think it matches the feelings I get from this story.

The book starts off with us meeting Bria. She finally got the promotion at work she has been working hard for, has a wonderful fiancé and an amazing family! Just when everything seems right, her sister gets sick and she moves back home.

Bria is a relatable character. Just the fact that she is looking forward to going home on Friday to take off her bra and sit with a jar of Nutella made me like her from the beginning, haha. She loves her family and will do everything for them. That is one thing that’s clear from the start.

It Goes Without Saying isn’t your typical friends to lovers romance. Knox was her best friend in high school and they grew apart during college. I love the fact that the author gives us a look in the past, by switching chapters between the present and others about memories from awhile ago. I loved getting to know the characters this way.

I have to say I wasn’t a fan of  Drew. He seemed like a sweet guy, but I had a feeling from the start the he wasn’t the one for her. I think this would’ve been different if we had gotten more information about him or their relationship in the beginning of the book. It’s clear from the start that Bria is engaged, but that is about it. It’s not until later in this book that we learn how they meet, etc.

There were a few other things I think should’ve gotten a bit more attention at times. I get that this really was Bria and Knox’s story in the end, but it took quite some time before we get more information about her new job and how he sister is doing. I mean she did move home for her!

That being said, I love the relationship she has with her sisters. They seemed like a lot of fun and I would love for them to have their own stories. Bria seems to think she needs to be strong for them, but they teach her she can lean on them at times as well.

And of course, there is Knox. Literally kind of the boy next door, haha. I loved him from the start. There is so much more to him and in the end he was just as insecure about losing her as she was him. I loved that this wasn’t the typical romance where something happens, everything is right again and they live happily ever after.

The author did an amazing job giving a little twist to this story! I think it was the best for both characters. I can’t say too much without spoiling, haha. For a debut novel, this was amazing! I can’t wait to see what Taylor Danae Colbert does next!

What was the last friends-to-lovers romance you read? Let me know! I am always looking for new friends-to-lovers romances!

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