TTT #43 | Bingeworthy TV Shows

We have been having fun with Top Ten Tuesday, so we decided we will do one every week. This bookish meme was hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, and has been going since June 2010! Since last January Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is bingeworthy tv shows! In not time at all the fall tv shows will start again and there are a ton of new tv shows that sounds wonderful to me. But today is not for those new shows, no today will be all about tv shows where you want to watch all of the episodes in one go. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite, bingeworthy tv shows.

Usually my issue is to find 10 books that fit the theme, but today it was a struggle to only pick 10 haha. There are so many amazing tv shows that I LOVE and want to talk about haha. Some of these are obvious choices but others might be little surpises, or so I hope 😉

1. One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is one of my absolute favorite tv shows ever and I own all of the DVD’s. I feel like most people have at least heard of this series but for those of you who haven’t; One Tree Hill is a show about 2 half-brothers in a small town. They’re both great basketball players and do not get along at all. There are so many amazing characters in this show and I wish we could’ve gotten more of them haha.

This is a trailer for the first episode I think and just looking at that makes me want to rewatch it all haha. The theme song is so iconic as well! Such a bingeworthy tvshow, can’t recommend it enough.

2. Veronica Mars

Another absolute favorite of mine! This one seems like a lesser known one but is a truly amazing show and 1 movie. And it has recently been announced that there might be another season! I really hope it will happen because this is such an underrated show. Veronica Mars starts with a couple of mysteries that our main character, Veronica, tries to solve. It gets pretty dark and I have so much love for these characters. There were 3 seasons and 1 movie so you can get through it pretty quick! I might do another rewatch for this one too haha.

3. Gilmore Girls

Is there anyone left alive that hasn’t heard of this show? I think almost everyone has watched this either back in the day or when Netflix blessed us with the 4 ultra long new episodes a while ago. Gilmore Girls makes up my ultimate top 3 tv shows ever (with One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars), no matter how awesome other shows are or will be, nothing can top these for me <3 And after that ending of the new episodes I keep on hoping we’ll get more haha.

4. Grimm

This is a bit of a more recent tv show but is also concluded after 6 wonderful seasons. Grimm is about Nick, who doesn’t realize he comes from a family of Grimms. A Grimm can see what regular people can’t, that some people are actually supernatural beasts. So many brothers Grimm fairytales will make their way into the show and it’s quite addictive. Especially the later seasons were very bingeworthy!

5. The Bold Type

The Bold Type is a pretty new show on this list! Season 2 just ended but the show has luckily already been renewed for a season 3. The show is about 3 young woman working at a fashion magazine. Somehow this show just warms my heart and I love it a lot. I hated waiting for a new episode every week and would highly recommend watching both seasons as soon as you can!

Just watching this trailer makes me so happy haha!

6. The 100

Now what would a tv show list be without the 100? You hopefully all know by now that I LOVE this show with all my heart haha. This show has is all, it has the suspense, amazing characters, great music, cute romance and is very addictive. I could gush about this series for ever but I would suggest just go go go and watch it haha.

7. UnReal

This is another pretty underrated series and I must admit I still have to watch the last season. I did however, loved the first two seasons and think they are pretty bingeworthy. The show is about a realityshow like The Bachelor and you get to see all of the manipulating that goes on behind the scenes. Such an addictive show once again haha!

8. The Last Ship

Another show I haven’t heard a lot of people talk about! And the new season (and last unfortunately) is about to start this week. So it’s the perfect time to start bingewatching the other seasons haha. In The Last Ship a virus breaks out that kills so many people all over the world that civilization it basically gone, we follow a ship that was on a mission on Antartica and wasn’t in contact with the outside world. Once they’re returning home they find out what happen and decide to try and find a vaccine. I adore this show and got pretty attached to some of the characters haha, can’t wait for the new season!

9. Blindspot

I remember seeing the trailer for Blindspot’s first season and being very intrigued! A woman covered in tattoos is found in Times Square, she doesn’t have any memories but her tattoos seem to predict certain events and she starts working with the FBI. A lot of intrigue and suspense and very addictive. You just need to know what happens next and will definitely want to bingewatch the hell out of this show.

10. Vikings

And then the last one on my list today, Vikings. Another absolute favorite of mine, I can’t wait till we finally get the new episodes. Vikings is, as you might’ve suspected haha, about Vikings. And where it starts off pretty small, in a relatively small Viking town the show gets bigger and bigger. We follow a family that you will fall in love with and at times you might not know who to root for. It’s based on history although it’s not all accurate. I personally don’t really care about that and just highly enjoyed it haha.

Like I said it was so hard to choose so I might do a part two in the near future haha. Have you seen any of these show? Or do you plan on watching them now? Let me know in the comments and I would love some recommendations!

6 thoughts on “TTT #43 | Bingeworthy TV Shows

    1. I can only highly highly recommend both Vikings and Veronica Mars. Nothing but love for those two shows!

    1. IT IS AMAZING! I hope you get to watch it soon and will love it as much as I do!

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