Review| Carnival Wishes – Daphne James Huff, M.F. Lorson & Kayla Tirrell

I read the three books in the Mountain Creek Drive trilogy by these three amazing authors. They takes place in the early 2000s. I loved them because they bring back so many memories of when I was a teenager. Now that have published Carnival Wishes, three short stories that focus on characters we meet in those three books.

You can find my reviews for the three books in the Mountain Creek Drive trilogy on the blog: Stage Kiss, Leah’s Song and Chasing Love.


Welcome to Marlowe Junction, where the end-of-summer carnival is your chance to see and be seen… hopefully by the cutest guy there.

Grab some cotton candy and funnel cake, stop by the fortune-teller’s booth to get your palm read, and settle in for some summer romance at its most nostalgic.

Carnival Wishes will make you believe that wishes really do come true.


Look at this cute cover. It makes me want to head to a carnival of my own. I love how these three writers can work together and make it seem like everything fits together so easily. All the characters are so much fun and I love all the references to those days (Blockbuster, etc.). Now let’s take a look at the stories.

Amy – Kayla Tirrell

Amy was a character I already got some information about in Chasing Love. In this short story we get a small peek in her life.
Amy is hoping to start fresh when her brother leaves for college. He is very protective and Amy can’t wait for some freedom.
Except her life changes sooner than expected. She meets Gabe at the carnival and it turns out tk be a night to remeber.
This is a sweet meet cute and I loved the two of them together. Amy gets some new experiences and gets over a few fears. Gabe is so sweet. This story left a smile on my face. I think I need to talk to that fortune teller and see where life takes them.

Colleen – M.F. Lorson

Of course it’s expected that these stories will intertwine, but I loved how this one involved Amy’s brother. I wasn’t sure what to think at fjrst, because it’s mostly about football in the beginning. I love that Amy knows so much though and just really wants to make Manny feel better about himself. This story shows us that perfect moments can last a lifetime even if things don’t go as you hope!

Amanda – Daphne James Huff

Amanda isn’t like most kids her age. She is very responsible and loves classical music more than the popular hits the rest of her classmates seem to love. The only thing she has in common with her classmates, is the crush she has on Jason. Who she thinks would never like her like that. This was such a cute story. I loved how shy Amy was, but how she grew more confident with a little boost from an unexpected person. Amy wasn’t having the best of luck, but the fortune teller seemed to know what she was talking about. A cute love story and more 90s references I will never get enough of!

All in all, I loved these three stories and being back in Marlow Junction. The way the carnival was described, I would’ve loved being there myself. Once again these authors make it seem like these stories are written by one person. And the 90s references bring back so many memories! I hope these authors write more in this series in the future.

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