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And that was August! This year is flying by so fast, it’s insane. We’re both reading more than we ever did before this year, and it’s incredible. So let’s take a look at what we read this month in our August wrap up.


Wow, all I can say is August was an amazing reading month for me. I think my best reading month this year! This month has been a month where I had a week and a half off of work, but also one where I worked a lot! The commute back and forth by train definitely helps my reading. I read a total of 25 books and 3 novellas! This month helped me reach my Goodreads challenge. My goal was to read 160 books and I end this month with a total of 166! I haven’t read this much ever, so I can’t wait to see what my total is at the end of the year!

Reading this much also means a really long wrap up. To make this enjoyable and not a book of its own, I will keep it short! I am a little behind on writing reviews because of work, so some haven’t been written yet. Keep an eye on the blog, because they will be coming soon. You can click on the title if a review has been posted.

17167166Crown of Midnight – Sarah J Maas

I started my month with a reread of Crown of Midnight. Once again, I loved this world and the characters. As we’ve said before, October will have a Throne of Glass week on the blog. All of our reviews of our rereads will be posted then! I read Crown of Midnight for the third time now and it still gives me all the feels.

Break – Cassia Leo39358157

This was such an emotional book. I couldn’t put it down, but there were some aspects of the story that bugged me. I loved the concept of this romance though. It’s always a good sign though when you can’t put a book down.

28107444The Magic Misfits – Neil Patrick Harris

Why did I wait so long to read this? The Magic Misfits is such a fun middle grade read! I read this in a day and I’m so looking forward to the sequel. Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing actor, but also a really fun writer. It’s clear he wrote this story for his twins, but that just makes this story more heartwarming. Kids learn that a family doesn’t always mean blood.

Boy Toy – Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby39171548

I am a big fan of romantic comedies and this one fit that description perfectly. A single mom runs into a boy she used to babysit (well she would babysit his younger siblings) and let’s just say he turned out well. This book is filled with romance, sexy times and a lot of humor. On top of that a really realistic main character!

28577883The Consort – K.A. Linde

This is the third book Ascension series. These books keep getting better and I really needed the next one after reading the last page of The Consort. I love the world and characters K.A. Linde has created and I’m looking forward to the next book in October.

The Date Maker & Meet Your Match – Kayla Tirrell41041558

Kayla Tirrell has definitely become one of my favorite authors and she has been publishing the novellas in this series. Morgan needs some extra cash so starts a dating service. Let’s just say some things go wrong and maybe even right! I love how cute these stories are. The characters are so much fun!

40792405Not So Nice Guy – R.S. Grey

R.S. Grey is so good at romantic comedies and she did it again! Not So Nice Guy is filled with a lot of romance, humor and clueless characters, haha. Friends to lovers is always an interesting trope and she did it well in Not So Nice Guy. What do you do when you’re in love with your best friend, but don’t want to lose them?

Brave – Jennifer L. Armentrout 23149316

This is the final book in the Wicked trilogy and it’s been waiting for me to read it. I knew that the novella this author would be releasing was an addition to this, so I needed to finish the trilogy first. Once again, why did I wait so long to finish this trilogy? I loved how the author ended this trilogy. Tink will always be my favorite character.

37809841Cut Free – Julia Wolf

I loved the first two books in this series. Even though I loved the first two I was really curious about Eliza’s story. It was clear in the first two books she needed her own happily ever after. Charlie is such a perfect book boyfriend. I was so sad when this story was over. All of the characters are amazing!

Dirty Reckless Love – Lexi Ryan37460740

I loved the first book in this series, so I was really curious. Dirty Reckless Love was so different than the first book I read. I loved the idea of the story, but it lacked a bit for me. There wasn’t really a lot of romance and it took a bit too long for some things to happen.

32172614How to Breathe Underwater – Vicky Skinner

What do you do when you catch your father cheating on your mother in his office at your highschool? In this case, move to a different town with your mother. This was another book that I read in less than a day. It was an interesting read and a very emotional one. I missed some elements, but definitely enjoyed the book.

Blind Kiss – Renee Carlino36622744

After participating in a blind kiss, to see if you can feel something from someone by only kissing, a connection is there for the two main characters. It’s told in moments of the past and present. Sometimes you just want to smack the characters and tell them to get together already, but it was a beautiful story!

32855090Sanctuary – Caryn Lix

I haven’t read many science fiction books, but this one didn’t disappoint. Kenzie is on Sanctuary, a prisoner for youth with gifts who have committed crimes. The ship should control everything, but then things change, Kenzie’s world is nothing that it seemed. Caryn Lix wrote a story that wasn’t predictable and kept me on the edge of my seat.

To Be Honest – Maggie Ann Martin35796025

There aren’t many stories with plus size characters. On top of that stories of girls who are happy with their body and trying to stay that way. Savannah is this girl, but her mother won’t let her be happy with her body. Especially not after participtaing in a weight loss show. This book was so emotional, but so beautiful. Definitely a favorite of mine this year!

36464096Blood Cure – K.A. Linde

This month was the release of the last book in the Blood Match trilogy and it didn’t disappoint. I had no clue how this story was going to end, but I loved how some of the characters became so strong. Some aspects of the story needed some more detail, but all in all an amazing conclusion to this story.

The Prince – Jennifer L. Armentrout37531545

What I expected to be a fluffy novella to let us know how the characters are doing. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The Prince is an actionpacked novella that leaves you wanting more. I loved the characters and the fact that Tink played such a big part. He really needs his own books, haha.

22587170Closer – Carmen Jenner

I have read a couple books by this author and I loved her romances. Closer sounded interesting and I have to say it’s a lot different than the other books I read. In the beginning the main character really annoyed me. Then I liked him and then I was annoyed that friends didn’t do anything about certain issues he had. In the end I was satisfied with the ending.

It Goes Without Saying – Taylor Danae Colbert40852372

Taylor was ready to release her debut novel and I was asked if I wanted to read and review. It sounded really interesting, so I said sure. I couldn’t put this book down. It’s a friends to lovers romance and done in such a nice way. It Goes Without Saying isn’t your typical predictable romance either. An awesome job for a debut novel.

32620332The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylore Jenkins Reid

A couple years a go I read her book One True Loves and cried my heart out. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo was a group read in TBR & Beyond. Eeveryone reading it loved it and bawled their eyes out. Needless to say I was afraid to read this book, but I’m so glad I did. This story is so special and unique. Everyone needs to read this story. I’m still trying to get my thoughts straight so I can write my review.

The Left Side of Perfect & The Right Side of Forever – Meghan Quinn40780064

In June I read The Blue Line Duet by this author and wasn’t happy with how things ended for a certain character. So when I read about this duet, I was thrilled. I needed it! I loved this duet. It’s so emotional and raw. It’s romance, but also learning to love yourself and accepting your forever person. This is such an amazing love story!

39711013Every Breath You Take – Faith Andrews

I actually read about this book quite a few months ago and signed up for the ARC. Reading the sypnosis so long ago, I kind of went into this book blind. I am happy I did. This romance is so addicting and unique. Love can turn in to obsession or be something you never expected. I can’t wait for the second book to complete this duology!

Heretics Anonymous – Katie Henry34659293

This is another group read in TBR & Beyond and I couldn’t put it down. Michael ends up at a Catholic school, but is an athiest. After hearinf remarks made by a classmate, he thinks he’s not the only one. Turns out she is really catholic, but has her own ideas. I loved this take on religion and how certain things go. The author did this in such an amazing way!

41559437Carnival Wishes – Daphne Huff, M.F. Lorson & Kayla Tirrell

I read the Marlow Junction trilogy and loved it. The story takes place in the early 00’s. So many things brought back memories of when I was a teenager. This week they released a book of three novellas about characters that are in their books, but have a smaller role. I loved it and really hope we get more of these characters!

Dr. Strange Beard – Penny Reid30315676

This was an interesting book. This is a book in the Winston Brothers series and can be read as a standalone. I felt like I could read this just fine, but it’s clear you understand more if you have already read the other books. I definitely plan on that, because I really enjoyed the characers in this book.

39681245Daisies & Devin – Kelsey Kingsley

Another amazing book I read this month! I have loved all of this author’s book, but this one became my favorite. It felt so real! I was on an emotional rollercoaster and loved these characters. Going through so much and being there for the other. And they got a cat, definitely bonus points in my book!


I’m writing this wrap up a little bit early since I’ll be in London when you’re reading this. My reading month was okay, I’m feeling a little bit slumpish but since I already met my Goodreads challenge I’m not feeling to bad about it. One of my goals for the rest of the year is finishing books I already started reading and reading some of the bigger books on my shelfs. Hopefully I will have read another book or two in August but since I’ll be walking around London all week, this just might be it! This is the least amount of books I have read all year but I did have a busy month. I went to France, went to Disneyland Paris, had a friend from America visit me and am currently in London. So I didn’t have that much time to read, vey grateful for audiobooks this month!

We Should All Be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I found this in my audiobook subscription service and remember hearing good things about it. It’s pretty short but it’s a very powerful read. If you ever come across it, I would highly recommend you pick it up.

Adulthood is a Myth – Sarah Andersen

This is another one I heard a lot about, and they had the ebook on my audiobook subscription service. Obviously I had to read this fun little book, another extremely fast read. Sarah Scribbles are so relatable and I plan on reading her other one soon as well.


Ace of Shades – Amanda Foody

Anddd another audiobook haha. Ace of Shades sounded really interesting to me when I first heard about it but it seemed like a lot of people were disappointed by it. I decided to listen to it and decide for myself and I must say I actually really enjoyed it! The world was super interesting and I can’t wait until the next book is released. There are some cliches in here but I wasn’t too bothered by them.


Coraline- Neil Gaiman

I also listened to Coraline as an audiobook. Everyone seems to love Coraline and Neil Gaiman in general, but I think he’s just not for me. I read The Ocean at the End of the Lane by him and I really didn’t like that one at all. Coraline was more enjoyable and it’s not like I hate but I really don’t see the appeal. I had some other books by him on my want to read list but I might get rid of them.


Long Way to a Small Angry Planet – Becky Chambers

I started reading this book in March this year but after about 1/3rd of the book I had to put it down. It was really enjoyable but the world building was quite intense and I realized that I couldn’t focus properly. I thought it would be a waste of this book to read it without a 100% of my attention. This month I decided to pick the book back up and I flew through it!


Snotgirl vol 2: California Screaming – Bryan Lee O’Malley

I was really looking forward to this second volume of Snotgirl. After finishing the first volume a couple of months ago I knew I had to get this one as soon as it came out. And while it was very enjoyable, it was once again pretty confusing and there wasn’t that much plot. I will probably get the next volume, but might not buy it right away.

Locke & Key vol 2: Head Games – Joe Hill

I loved the first volume of Locke & Key, such a gritty and creepy story with gorgeous art work. The second volume did not disappoint! It was less scary than the previous one but I do feel like it set up for the rest of the series nicely. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next volume and will absolutely continue this series.

Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi

I started CoBaB around the time I went to YalfestNL and had the opportunity to meet Tomi. She signed my book and was such an amazing person. I listened to the audiobook for this one and was probably around halfway in when something came up and I listened to other books for awhile. Recently I’m trying to finish books I started a while ago and this was another one of those. I’m happy I did just that and am excited to read the sequel next year. Definitely get why so many love this book.

The Dazzling Heights – Katharine McGee

Another one I already started a while ago haha. I got it the moment it came out and did start it but put it down after 5 pages for some reason. When I was on my holiday I picked it back up and actually read it quite fast! The last quarter or so I listened to the audiobook because I wanted to finish it before London and I had a lot of things to do beforehand. I’m happy the last book is close to being published because that ending…!


That was our reading for the month! What was your favorite read of the month?

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    1. I hope you enjoy Queen of Shadows! I plan on rereading that in September!

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