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Do you ever just not know what to post about? Normally I have tons of ideas floating around my mind for these bookish items. Today I don’t have the lightbulb lighting for me. So I decide to participate in Book Beginning on Fridays. This meme was created by Rose City Reader.

The idea is to post the first sentence or so of the book you’re currently reading. After that you talk about your initial thoughts about the sentence, book or anything to do with that. I don’t know how often I will do this, but it seems like fun from time to time.



“Gods, it was boiling in this useless excuse for a kingdom.”

I am currently reading Heir of Fire and after reading this first sentence, all I thought was is this is typical Celaena. Even though that sentence means nothing for people who haven’t read this series, it felt like coming home.

Isabelle and I are preparing for the release of KoA and I am falling in love with these books all over again. As I’ve talked about before, I love diving in a book again and picking up on little details you don’t notice the first time around. Like the hawk that Celaena keeps seeing.

I just finished reading chapter 10 and plan oncurling up with this book later today. I can’t wait to see what other details I have forgotten.

Do you think a first sentence of a book is really important?

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