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Normally I have a list of tags that I’m interested in. Life has been really busy though and I haven’t had much time to read other blogs. Once my work schedule slows down, except some comments and likes. So today I scrolled through the reader on WordPress and saw the Three Bookish Things tag. Red Rocket Panda posted this tag, so I decided to tag myself!

Three Read Once and Love Authors

There are a lot of new authors to me this year, but I will choose the following three:

  • The Exact Opposite of Okay – Laura Steven
  • Warcross – Marie Lu
  • To Be Honest – Maggie Ann Martin

These are the three books by these read once authors that I loved! The book were amazing and I can’t wait to read more by these authors!

Three Titles I’ve Watched, but Haven’t Read

Wow, this one is hard. I don’t know if I can name three, haha.

  • Lord of the Rings
  • The Hobbit

These are the only two I can think of at the moment, haha.

Three Characters You Love

This one is actually really hard, because I love so many characters.

  • Savannah (To Be Honest) – It was nice seeing a character who was trying to be okay in her skin. Most days she was able to and I just love watching her be herself. She is stronger than she thinks and finally starts realizing this!
  • Tink (Wicked Trilogy) – Everyone needs a Tink in their life. He is so full of himself, but so funny. His addiction to Amazon and Supernatural is really fun as well. Even though he likes to think about himself, he does protect the ones he loves. And he can be a mini version of himself, haha.
  • Morrigan (An Heir in Shadow) – I’m not that far in this book yet, but anyone who thinks Backstreet Boys is comforting goes on top of the list in my book. Yet again another character who is a lot stronger than she thinks she is.

Three Series You Binged

The only time I really binge series is when they are all published when I discover them. It has happened quite a few times though.

  • Twilight – This was my first binge, haha. To be honest, I don’t remember how I discovered these. Was it because the first movie was being advertised? I really don’t remember. All I know is that the summer I got these, I was up until two in the morning reading, because I couldn’t put it down.
  • The Lunar Chronicles – I was lucky enough that Winter just release a few months before I started this series. I fell in love with the world and characters and couldn’t read fast enough. People who have read these know how big Winter is, so it was quite the challenge. Then again, I don’t think a series you love can be long enough.
  • The Infernal Devices – This trilogy helped me get back in reading a few years ago. At least YA. I saw them on Facebook and was really interested. I think I read all three in like two days. They definitely deserve a reread next year!

Three Unpopular Bookish Opinions

This is one I’m going to have to skip I think. I have been sitting here thinking about this and I can’t think of any. If I do, I will add them to the post or comments.

Three Current Favorite Book Covers


Three Goals For the Year

September is coming, only a few days away. This means there isn’t much of this year left. There are a few things I want to already remind myself of when thinking of goals next year:

  • I want to reread books more. I wrote a post about this not too long ago. I really enjoy it, but don’t let myself pick up books I’ve read before.
  • Read more of the TBR just sitting on my shelves. There are so many books releasing every month that sound really interesting, but there are a few on my shelves I’ve been wanting to grab for ages.
  • Sign up for less blog tours. I love experiencing reading things for authors I don’t know, but I realized this takes up time some of my older books should get, haha. I will still participate, but I need to be a little less excited for them, haha.

So that’s the tag for today. What’s your unpopular bookish opinion Maybe I do actually have one and just don’t know it’s unpopular? Haha. Feel free to tag yourself, but just let me know if you do this tag!

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