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As you all know (if you’ve been following the blog for awhile), I’m a big fan of romance books. I was tagged by Sincerely Karenjo to do the Romance Readers Book Tag. It sounded like a lot of fun, so let’s see what this tag is about!

At What Age Did You Start to Read Romance Novels?

Well I started reading chicklits when I was around sixteen I think. I’ve always been a big fan of a story where the characters fall in love and live happily ever after. Then came along the Nicholas Sparks books, but the romance novels I read and review now… I didn’t start reading those until a few years ago!

If You Could Pick One Hero to Meet From Your Favorite Romance Novels, Who Would it Be and Why?

Wow… this is a hard one! Everytime I read a new romance novel, I always want to meet the hero! Just like my book boyfriend list just gets longer and longer, haha. But if I had to choose, I would choose Charlie from Cut Free. He is not like the most typical guys in a romance novel and he managed to get the main character to start living her life. Charlie was just so sweet!

Who Are Your Favorite Romance Authors and Why?

This list will actually be pretty long and all the authors have the same thing in common: they can make me feel something. It can be any feeling really, but they manage to get me invested in the stories I read and really want the characters to be happy. Some of the authors are: Rebecca Yarros, Colleen Hoover, Jennifer L Armentrout, Kelsey Kingsley, Amie Knight, Corinne Michaels, Julia Wolf, Kendall Ryan, J. Daniels, Abbi Glines, Renee Carlino and so many more! I have discovered a lot of amazing romance writers this past year!

What is a Favorite Romance Novel to Reread?

I’ve talked about this recently, I really want to start rereading books more! I feel guilty about it, but I shouldn’t. Which means, I haven’t really reread any romance novels. There are some I definitely want to reread: Alabama Summer – J. Daniels, Slammed – Colleen Hoover and I realize as I’m writing this list that whenever I need to think of these things, I come up with nothing, haha. Basically anything that has gotten five stars is something I would grab again!

What Book Would You Recommend to a Non-Romance Reader?

Another hard question, haha. I think I would recommend anything by Kendall Ryan, Abbi Glines or J. Daniels. They are all filled with emotion and awesome, but less heavy than some other romance than I’ve read. I think these are good starter romance authors!

Which is Your Favorite: Contemporary, Suspense, Historical and Why?

For me that would be contemporary. I always get all the feels with those, haha. That is basically what I’m looking for. I have recently read a couple romance books with some mystery elements and I have to say I enjoyed them. Historical romance isn’t really something I’ve tried out, so I can’t really form an opinion by that.

I’m never good at tagging anybody, so if you’re a romance reader and like this tag, you are tagged! Don’t forget to tag me or comment with your link! I would love to see your answers.

As I said, historical romance isn’t something I’ve tried out yet. What is your favorite historical romance?

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    1. Thanks <3! Me too! I have been reading a lot of them lately. There are some amazing romance authors!

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