Review| Meet Your Match – Kayla Tirrell

Last week I reviewed The Date Maker. That was the prequel in the Disastrous Dates series. Today is the release of the first book Meet Your Match. The first match goes on a date, but do they find love?


Harmony isn’t entirely sold on the Date Maker, especially after an article criticizing the personalized dating service starts circulating online. But when she gets her personalized date—and sees her hot match—she starts to think it might not be so bad.

Dominick is shy, awkward, and looking for his soul mate. Imagine his surprise when he’s matched with the hip-looking girl from the local coffee shop. He can’t wait to meet her and see where things go.

Too bad they were never supposed to be matched in the first place…


Morgan has delieverd the first matches and their schedules for what date they will be going on. The Date Maker got some criticism online, so the candidates are a bit nervous.

Harmony is one that has some doubts, but Morgan is her friend so she goes on the date. Only she finds out that her match Pax isn’t the one she will be dating. There was a mix up and she is on a date with Dominick. For Harmony this is a disappointment, but she still gives it a try.

Dominick is really sweet. He’s a bit shy and when he sees he will be dating Harmony, it’s a pleasant surprise. The date doesn’t go completely as planned, but it’s so much fun reading the akward and funny moments on this date.

I think for many people this is very relatable! How nervous you can get and how awkward you can feel on a first date. It’s fin seeing the characters experience new things and how a wrong match just may be what the Date Maker ordered.

What can go wrong isn’t the right question. In this case it’s what can go right? Meet Your Match was such a cute and fun read. I can’t wait to get the next disatrous date and hopefully more Morgan and Declan!

If you love quick, fun romances and characters who find love in the least expected way, this is the right book for you!

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