Review| Daisies & Devin – Kelsey Kingsley

I have read all of Kelsey Kingsley’s books except for one (I know shame on me, haha). That will be changed very soon. That’s another story though, haha. Today I want to share my review of her amazing new book Daisies & Devin. She really outdid herself with this book.  I think it’s my favorite so far!


Every story has a hero.
Devin O’Leary was mine.

Everybody has a dream,
And mine could take me far.
Just me, and my voice,
A stage, and this guitar.
With patience and some luck,
I could see me, standing there.
But, that was before I met her-
The girl with the purple hair.

Enchanted by her beauty,
By her soul, and then, her eyes.
I saw the broken girl within,
And my dream became her life.

So, I found myself on a journey,
Of tragedy and letting go,
Of happiness and daisies,
Of serenades and Poe.
But no one taught us how to cope,
With life’s unpredictable scheme.
Still, I’m the hero in her story,
And she’s my only dream.


To start off I just have to talk about how amazing this cover is. That’s one thing I love about this author, her covers are so unique. After reading Daises & Devin this cover fits the book even better. At the beginning of the book we meet Kylie. Her dream is to open up her own diner (not sure if that’s the right word for it, haha). Kylie’s father shares her dream and she hopes to start when she graduates.

Devin hasn’t gone to college and works for his father’s constructions company. He is happy with his life, but his passion is music. Kylie meets Devin at a party and there is an instant connection. They become the best of friends and Devin is there for Kyle when she has some hard times. I don’t want to say too much, because this is a book you just really need to experience.

In Daisies & Devin we read about the few years they know each other before it’s here and now. I loved this. Even though there were some heartbreaking moments, it added so much to this story. Kelsey Kingsley makes you fall in love with these characters and only want them to get their happily ever after. Kylie deals with some hard things with her father and I can’t imagine that was easy to write about.

Even though they don’t date, it’s clear there are so many feelings there. I think both of them are really just afraid to lose the other and end up with nothing. This really frustrated me at times. I just wanted to smack them and say to them they needed to admit how they feel. Kylie loves Devin and the other way around. They take care of each other and even get a cat.

As a cat lover, I was so happy when they got the cat. I also love the fact that Kylie loves books! That makes my book loving heart very happy. On top of all of that, I love the poems in this book and the song lyrics. They add so much to the story. I was so happy we got to see a character from one of her other books.

I don’t think any review can do this book justice. It’s just so beautifully written and I loved Kylie and Devin. I mean, just the way Devin is describe will make most of us swoon, haha. I could talk about this book all day! The only question is, do Kylie & Devin get their happily ever after? You will just have to read this book to find out!

If you’re a fan of romance and want an unique love story that makes you feel all the feels, this book is for you! Don’t forget to have tissues at hand.

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