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As a fan of romance books, I had to read The Sublime series by Julia Wolf. It sounded like a lot of fun and I was right. I read Cut Short and Cut Loose in the past. I loved Rachel and Frannie, but I was really curious about Eliza. So when I found out she was getting her own story in Cut Free, I needed the book sooner than later. Thanks to the author I got to read it early and review it for you!


A prim and proper pianist, a sexy tattooed artist, a yellow convertible, and an offer neither of them can turn down…

I’ve followed the rules my entire life: what music to play, who to date, even what to wear.
But that’s done now. At twenty-eight years old, I’m finally ready to break free.
I just don’t quite know how.
And then Charlie enters my life; charming, spontaneous, and hilarious Charlie. He’s a bit quirky, and nothing like I expected, and I can’t seem to stay away.
He offers me friendship, rebellion, and adventure, which is exactly what I need.
Too bad friendship isn’t all I want.
Friendzoned or not, Charlie has become one of the most important people in my life.
If only I could stop accidentally trying to kiss him…


Eliza is a character we have already met in previous books. She seems like a quiet and reserved person. In fact, she is. She wasn’t in the happiest relationship, but she is finally choosing for herself. This is hard for her though, because of the way her parents treated her and then how the boyfriend her parents dreamed for wasn’t the man of her dreams.

Then comes Charlie. Eliza met him at a Thanksgiving event with her friends. That didn’t end well, but he made an impression. When he takes over the store she always plays the piano in, she can either stop going in to play or actually deal with him.

The whole situation created a lot of funny moments and awkward meetings. It’s clear he’s attracted to her. Eliza likes him as well, but just won’t admit it. I love the chemistry these characters have together. They flirt and tease, but are also just really sweet to each other. Before they know it, their friendship seems more like a relationship. Everyone sees that but Eliza, haha.

I have loved every book in this series so far, but this one is by far my favorite. Eliza really comes out of her shell in this book. Charlie makes her a rebel and it feels good. After seeing her suffer in her relationship and because of her parents, she really deserves a happily ever after. The question is though, can she let herself be happy? Letting go of her past and giving herself the chance to really live?

On top of this amazing character getting her own story, we still get a lot of Rachel and Frannie! I love the fact that the author includes them so much in the next books. It’s nice getting an idea of what previous characters are up to. I had a smile on my face during most of this book.

On top of getting to see how their lives continue, Frannie and Rachel are amazing friends. They just fit and would do anything for each other. Friendships are really important and this author really gives that a platform in this book. We all need good friends!

If you’re looking for a romance that makes you laugh out loud, smile, includes an amazing group of friends and a fun romance, this is a book for you! Even though it is a standalone, I really suggest reading the other books!

At the end of the book we also got a look at the next book. I’m really excited that this character is getting a book. I will definitely post a review when we get the next one as well!

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