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We started the Show Sunday meme because of our love for tv shows, but we don’t just love tv shows. There are also a ton of movies we fangirl over, and we decided this is the perfect spot to talk about them. Last week I saw The Darkest Minds at the movie theatre and I really wanted to do a review about this book-to-movie-adaption.

 I absolutely loved the Darkest Minds books when I read them. The first books, The Darkest Minds I read one 4 years ago! I can’t believe its been so long since I read this series. It’s actually one of my favorites, I adore the characters, the story and the world are so interesting. Liam was one of my original book boy friends haha. Ruby had such great character development in my opinion. Zu and Chubs were also super interesting and fun characters to read about. I’m so happy Zu is getting her own book now! The villains in this trilogy are quite interesting and layered. I really enjoyed reading about them and was super curious to see how it all got translated to the big screen.

I was super excited to see the movie, and I saw it last week in the opening weekend with a friend of mine. She read the trilogy as well and was as excited as me for this movie. Since it’s been so long since I read the books I didn’t remember all the details. This might’ve actually helped with my enjoyment of the movie. I really liked the movie and I did remember most of the general story but there were some details that I totally forgot. Chubs is a green in the movie while he was a blue in the books. I honesty didn’t catch that change probably since it’s more in line with Chubs’ character.

The acting was really strong, I think Amandla Stenberg is an amazing actress, and it was so amazing to see her grow from Rue into Ruby. She really did the story justice. To be honest I wasn’t to sure about Harris Dickinson as Liam at first. Liam was one of my first book boyfriends and I wanted his portrayal to be perfect. However, at the end of the movie, Harris had me rooting for him. Liam is shy and awkward at moments but also cure and lovable at others. I think Harris should both sides perfectly and by the end of the movie I wanted to hug and kiss him haha! Zu and Chubs were portrayed really well to. Especially Zu as she doesn’t talk and that brings her own challenges. I want to do a special shout out to Lidya Jewett, she played young Ruby and she did an amazing job. Hopefully she has an amazing acting career in front of her. Patrick Gibson did a great job with his character Clancy Gray even though his was a challenging character. Clancy is a pretty complex character to play in my opinion and I think that might’ve been a bit lost in the change to the big screen with the limited time. I’ve been a fan of Patrick’s since seeing him in The White Princess, and him being Irish definitely helped haha. So I enjoyed his scenes a lot!

I’m super happy they stuck to the first book. and I really hope we get to see the other two books adapted to movies as well. It would be such a shame if they let us hanging. This movie didn’t have to worst cliffhanger, thank my god. But it didn’t have a closed ending either so people might try to make this their story and they didn’t have to day anything with all of this. One of my favorite characters out of this story doesn’t get introduced until the second story so I”ll just have to hold on for a bit longer. I would be so disappointed if they didn’t make the next two books into movies. Did you see the movie yet? And are you planning seeing it? Please let me know in the comments down below!

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