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Candyce and I aren’t just avid book readers, we also love watching movies and tv shows. And we don’t just read and watch, no, we’re massive fangirls for the things we’re passionate about. So one of the things we do is collect things. One of the things we both like to collect is FunkoPops. So today I wanted to show you all my FunkoPop collection. When taking the pictures, I decided to stick to my non-Harry Potter FunkoPops and leave the Harry Potter ones for another time. So let’s take a look at all the other FunkoPops in my collection!

My very first Funko was this adorable hipster Belle. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie EVER and I was so happy to start my collection with this Belle pop. A while ago I showed off some of the Funkos on my wishlist and there are a bunch of Belle’s on there and I would love to one day have a big collection of Belle Funkos.

In line with that first Belle Funko, I also got Belle from Once Upon A Time, sorry for the grainy picture… I really enjoyed the Once Upon A Time tv show, although I still have to watch the last season. And Belle is one of my favorite characters on that show, partly because she’s Belle but also because she had an interesting storyline and I would’ve loved to see more of her.

Captain Cold from The Flash and D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow is another one of the earlier Funkos I got. I personally love Prison Break and especially Wenthworth Miller, so obviously I also loved Captain Cold! When he went on to the Legends I was so happy. So my friend got me his Funko for my birthday a couple of years ago.

Look at these cuties!! I got Simba in a Fairyloot and he’s simply adorable. He needed a friend though and who’s more perfect than my favorite Winnie the Pooh character: Eeyore. Eeyore has been one of my favorite characters forever, I have two Eeyore stuffed animals and I’m not ashamed haha. I also think these two look incredibly cute together and I want more Disney animals to accompany them.

I got Captain America in an Owlcrate and to be honest, I’m not really a fan of Cap but since I would like to own all the Avengers I can’t really complain. He does look pretty cute with his bobblehead. My favorite Avenger by far is Loki and I still hope he gets his own movie. I need more Loki stuff and also more Loki Funkos but I’m happy I got at least this one <3

And lastly, two of my very favorite Funko’s! I ordered these the last time I was in America but they got lost during shipping the first time. Luckily they sent me a replacement and those got there in time, as you can see. I absolutely love Riverdale and I was so happy to see Hot Topic sold these Funkos and especially the Juggy with Serpent Jacket <3 That scene in the first season was amazing and I watched it many times over haha. The rest of the Riverdale cast is high on my wishlist but these babies had to be the first ones.

So this was the non-Harry Potter part of my FunkoPop collection. What is your favorite Funko? Do you collect them and which one is highest on your wishlist? Let me know in the comment!

4 thoughts on “Fangirl Friday | FunkoPop Collection

  1. Loki is a favorite. I also love Riverdale and have 6 of the pops from the show. I love how funkos look on bookshelves, but I’ve ended up with way too many now!

    1. I’m so jealous you got all 6 Riverdale Pops! Can’t wait to get my hands on them.
      Yes I love the look of them as well <3 Haha, I've got way too many but not nearly enough ;)

    1. Thank you! Aaah that’s so cute!! Yes it’s pretty addictive right? haha

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