Review| The Consort – K.A. Linde

I was a bit sceptical about this series after reading The Affiliate. Romance was a bit too much of the story, but The Bound started fixing that. Then I got to The Consort and it just blew me away! This book is action packed from the start. I don’t know why I waited so long to read this series.


After the loss of a friend and a false imprisonment in an Eleysian dungeon, Cyrene has no interest in destiny. Her heart was shattered, friends scattered, and her home is nothing but a pretty illusion. Even her magic won’t cooperate.

Only desperation can turn her to the last person she should trust:

Prince Kael.
His darkness mirrors a growing force lurking within her. A struggle she never imagined threatens to consume her. And as friends and foes begin to show their true colors, she starts questioning whether anyone is who they seem.

Even herself.


Just like the other two covers, The Consort has the same style. I think these covers are gorgeous. They really fit this series.


The Consort takes off where The Bound ended. I was happy about that, because I needed to know what was going on. Cyrene is a prisoner and Dean doesn’t know what to do with her. From there this book goes in one adventure to the next. The Consort has twists and turns you don’t expect.

Cyrene really changes in this book. She feels so much after the loss of people close to her that she kind of gives in to Kael. I had to say I started liking him and I had a feeling that was wrong and boy was I right!! Same thing with King Edric. He turned into a big baby when he didn’t get his own way. The only sane male character was Ahlvie and that says enough, haha.

I loved all the creatures we see in this book, wraiths and even dragons! We also get a lot more history of the world and Cyrene’s magic. It’s clear that the first two books were building up to where this story goes. The Consort is pretty big and it still wasn’t enough for me. I can’t imagine what it’s been like for the people who read this when it was first released.

Cyrene is challenged in this book. Who can she trust? What is going on with her? Can Cyrene even trust herself? I read another review and it said that The Consort answered a lot of questions, but also created so many more. I couldn’t agree more with that statement!

It’s nice to see Cyrene starting to believe in herself! Her world changed and is nothing like she expected, but she is taking charge! Her group of friends is amazing as well. They are all unique in their own way and it just works together. I can’t wait to see how the next book goes.

This review was hard to write, because I don’t want to give too much away for the people who still need to read the series. I highly recommend this series though! The group of characters is lot of fun!

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