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I have so many unread books on my shelfs, in my kindle app and in my Netgalley account that I used to feel bad even thinking about rereading books. The only books I used to reread were the Harry Potter books. However recently this seems to change! I felt like writing a post about it and hopefully talk to you all about it. Let’s get into it.

As I said I used to reread Harry Potter, and I did that a lot haha. Before every new installment was released I would read all the books again. And after the journey ended I kept rereading the books. When I was younger I had a lot less books and when I hadn’t gotten enough library books I would reread an old favorite. Most of my ‘older’ books have been reread multiple times.

At some point I stopped rereading and I can’t really pinpoint the time or the reason. I kept thinking about this and I think I just felt really guilty towards all the books I have yet to read. We all have limited time and rereading books means not reading new books. And since I spent a ton of money on new books every month, oops haha, I always feel like I should be reading those new books.

About 2 years ago something changed, I participated in a read a long of the Throne of Glass series in anticipation of the release of Empire of Storms. When rereading that series I got super excited about rereading. So many details had slipped my mind and I was extremely happy to experience these books again. Even though I enjoyed rereading and discussing those books so much I didn’t end up rereading more books. And I think that’s a shame to be honest. I said it before, we – or at least I – spent a lot of money on books. But that also means that rereading books just means you got more value for your money 😉 Every time you read that same books it ‘costs’ a bit less per read. I hope this makes sense to you all, because it makes a lot of sense to me haha.

This year I discovered audiobooks (and wrote a post about it) and last week I realized something. I started my audiobook discovery with the Harry Potter series (yes, again haha). And recently, after seeing the trailer, I listened to the first two To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before books as a reread as well. Candyce and I are doing a reread of the whole Throne of Glass series in anticipation of Kingdom of Ash. And once again I forgot so many details from these books. That plus the enjoyment I get from rereading beloved books I realized I should make it a goal to reread more books. Next year I will set myself a rereading goal, I was thinking of 12 books. 1 per month, what do you think? I have currently reread 13 books so maybe I could make it a bit more challenging. But then again, I mostly set myself this goal so I don’t have to feel guilty about rereading a book. I read so many series and by the time the net boo comes out I’ve already read about 80 books in between. As you can imagine, I forget a ton of important details and think it would be great to reread books more often before picking up the sequel or at least when you pick up the last book in the series.

So, which books am I thinking of rereading the coming year? The first two books in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series could use a reread before I jump into the conclusion as I hardly remember anything from the last book. Same with the His Fair Assassin’s books. I remember loving the first two books but can’t think of any details and I would love to pick up the last book before diving into the third one. Three Dark Crowns is one of my favorite series and I would love to reread these books soon. I haven’t really thought any further than this as I didn’t expect to reread so many books. However, as I said, I’m super happy I’m doing this again, I love finding new details in the story and it’s nice not to feel like an idiot when we start reading the next book.

Do you ever reread? Let me know in the comments! I would love to chat with you about it.

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  1. I do a lot of rereading but sometimes I do still feel guilty for not reading my new books. What I’ve been trying to do lately is I’ll read books in a series as they come along and once the series is finished I’ll reread them all together. Of course this can sometimes take a while with long series, but oh well.

    1. That’s a pretty good idea! It’s nice to have all the details sorted in your head before starting that final book. I definitely felt guilty a lot but I think I’m okay with it now. There are so many books to love, but my old favorites deserve some love every now and then as well haha.

  2. His Fair Assassin series is getting a fourth book?!?!?! Hahah I LOVED that series. The third book was by far my favorite so you should for sure read it! As soon as I saw that you were thinking of re-reading it I thought it was weird because all the books had been out so I looked it up and saw the 4th book comes out in February! Then I kept reading your post and saw you were just going to re-read it so you could read the 3rd book haha. But now I am excited! Thank you 😀

    Usually I only re-read books to refresh my memory when a new installment comes out. So, like you, I have read HP a billion times. But other than that I don’t do a ton of re-reading. I will re-read His Fair Assassin Series for the new book tho 🙂
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    1. I’m happy to hear you loved the third book so much! This is getting me really excited to pick this series back up. I might do a reread of the first two and then read the third one right before the new one comes out so I can read them all in one go!
      The more I reread, the more excited I get about it haha. I’m really looking forward to my reread of the rest of the Throne of Glass series <3

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