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Today I was looking for a new book tag to do this week. I saw the Totally Should’ve Book Tag on Nose Stuck in a Book‘s blog and decided to tag myself! So let’s give this tag a try!

1. Totally Should’ve… Gotten a Sequel

32173182Dive Smack! I know this is a standalone and the story is all done, but I think a sequel would have a lot of possiblility. Or maybe even a companion novel. There is so much we don’t know about the families in Dive Smack. I would love another book to give us more history and see them explore everything just a bit more!

2. Totally Should’ve… Had a spin-off series

Love Songs & Other Lies! I think it would be fun if we got a spin-off about just the 35034369band starting off. I mean at the end of the book they got a contract. I would love to know more about all the band members and see their day to day life now that they’re famous. Logan was a fun character in the book. He could be the main character.

3. An Author… Who Totally Should Write More Books

35356380Dana Mele! I loved People Like Us. She is really good at writing the mean girls and villains. While I was reading People Like Us it took me quite awhile to figure out who did it. Dana Mele knew how to kept getting me to doubt all of the characters. Just when I thought to know how it was going to go, the story turned out totally different. She needs to write more books like People Like Us.

4. Totally Should’ve… Ended Differently

This is a hard one! I think I have to go with The Upside of Falling. I can’t say too much without 40193273spoiling the whole duet, but this romance goes totally differently than I ever expected. In the end I can understand the author’s thoughts, but I think I am the type that needed it to end like I thought it should, haha.

5. Totally Should’ve… Had a Movie Franchise

12578077If I had to choose something brought to life on the screen, I think I would choose LUX. Even though I have to say I am kind of against all things being filmed after seeing some casting choices and such lately with certain books. I know we all see things different, but some choices will never make sense to me. But back to LUX. This series is amazing and I think it could be an amazing series of movies. Actionpacked, filled with romance, humor and a book loving main character. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, hot aliens, haha.

6. Totally Should’ve… Had a TV Series

Just like with movies I have a hard time with questions like this. They need to leave my babies alone, 36269878haha. If I had to choose… I would say The Fragile Ordinary. I think this would make a good high school drama. I loved these characters and everything that goes on with them fits stuff I’ve seen in shows. The Fragile Ordinary has a lot of potential to follow the characters after the book as well.

7. Totally Should’ve… Had One Point of View

I am someone who loves reading through the eyes of more than one character. This gives the story extra depth in my opinion. A lot of times decisions are made and when you get the character’s point of view, it’s easier to understand. So I will choose a book that should’ve had more than one point of view: The Fragile Ordinary. I think we missed a lot without the other point of view.

8. Totally Should… Have a Cover Change

I have to agree with Nose Stuck in a Book’s answer. Vicious is probably one of the only cover changes I agree with. Look at how pretty the new cover is!


9. Totally Should’ve… Kept the Original Covers

An Ember in the Ashes should’ve kept the original covers. I completely understand the author’s reason behind the change, but I honestly just don’t care for them. The original covers are so beautiful! Even the new UK covers are better! I am just not a fan of people on the covers.


10. Totally Should’ve… Stopped at One Book

I can’t think of one. I looked through my list of books on Goodreads and none jump out at me. There could be one, but I’m bad a continuing with series right away, so I may just not have read one yet, haha.


I’m not going to tag anymone, but feel free to tag yourself! If you do, make sure to link it back to us or leave it in the comments. I would love to see your answers! Is there a series you think should’ve stopped at one book?

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