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Today is my stop on the blog tour for So Glad to Meet You. Thanks to the author, publisher and The Fantastic Flying Book Club, I had the chance to read and review this book. In this post you can read my review and information about the tour giveaway.


So Glad to Meet You

by Lisa Super

Publisher: Diversion Books

Release Date: July 31, 2018

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance


Seventeen-year-old Daphne Bowman, a bookish drama nerd in public school, might never have crossed paths with Oliver, the popular, outgoing mascot for his private school’s football team, but one event has bound them inextricably. Daphne’s older sister, Emily, and Oliver’s older brother, Jason, who were high school sweethearts, committed suicide together seven years earlier.

When Daphne uncovers Emily and Jason’s bucket list—a list comprised of their “Top Ten” places to visit before they die—she knows she has to tell someone. The one person who might actually get what she’s going through and who might not think it’s silly that she wants to complete the list, is also someone she’s never spoken to—Oliver Pagano. Throwing caution to the wind, Daphne sends Oliver a Facebook message that will come to change the course of both of their senior years—and maybe their entire lives.

Tackling grief with a wry voice and an unflinching eye, So Glad to Meet You tells the story of two people who, in searching for what they’ve lost, end up finding what they never knew they needed—each other.



Cover This cover is definitely a favorite of mine. The map in the title’s letters is so creative and I love the little details in the background. After reading the book, you know exactly what they mean as well. I love when a cover makes more sense after reading a book.

Plot So Glad to Meet You can be a hard book to read. Daphne and Oliver lose their siblings to suicide and this really has an impact on their families. And not in the good sense either. Daphne’s mother works 80 hours a week now and her father tries to heal the hurting with alcohol. Oliver’s family talks about Jason everyday and how great he was. Except now they’re trying to do everything the opposite way with Oliver. He doesn’t feel heard.

Both characters have their own way with dealing with all of these emotions. Daphne does her best at school to get out of this town and Oliver does everything the way Jason wouldn’t. It’s been a few years since Jason and Emily died when Daphne finds the list of their top ten places to visit. Daphne becomes curious and contacting Oliver seems like the best idea.

It takes a bit, but they finally come together to work on this list. The places aren’t easy to really do, two high school students can’t just up and leave to go visit The Great Wall of China. Daphne and Oliver improvise and slowly get to know each other. I love reading about their adventures together. Each chapter switches point of view, so we can read about what they both think and feel. Being younger when Emily and Jason died, made things hard. There are a few flashbacks of memoires of their siblings and I think they fit this book well.

While working on their list they get to know themselves a bit more. I think doing these things brings them closer to their siblings, but also lets them heal. They start to realize they can be their own person and let go. So Glad to Meet You brings tears to your eyes and a smile to your face. This author did a good job with this one in my opinion. Losing someone to suicide is something I can relate to, so the thoughts and emotions are relatable.

This is really a book people need to experience without knowing too much. I honestly went into this book blind and am happy I did. The only thing that ended up bugging me was the scene where they sleep together. The scene was written in a way that didn’t fit this book. Of course, relationships develop, but I don’t think we would’ve missed anything if this scene wasn’t written. All in all, I thought So Glad to Meet You was a beautiful book. A journey of healing and experiencing things for the first time.

Characters Daphne still remembers everything about the night Emily died and this still has an impact on her. I think the fact that her family doesn’t really act like one anymore doesn’t give her the time to heal. She’s mad at her parents and at her sister and is just trying to deal. Daphne needed that list I think to be able to learn it’s okay for her to be the way she is. Emily was her sister, but they’re not the same person. She opens up to falling in love and taking chances Normally she’s the good girl, but she chooses herself in trying new things.

Oliver’s life turned upside down after Jason died, but his family still talks about him everyday and all the things he loved. He doesn’t feel like he can move on or be himself. His parents do everything with him differently, but he thinks they do this so she won’t become Jason. Oliver has a hard time with this. One of Oliver’s rules is no girlfriends. Jason had one and it didn’t seem like such a good idea in the end. This makes everything difficult once Daphne comes into his life. HE starts feeling things he never expected and isn’t sure what to do. Oliver grows as a person in this book and starts to let himself feel things. The list helps him a lot.


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During this blog tour there is a giveaway (unfortunately it’s US only). You can win a copy of So Glad to Meet You and some other swag. The giveaway runs from July 17th until July 31st.

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Lisa Super is a brunch enthusiast based in Los Angeles. She’s worked on a number of TV shows ranging from pop culture phenomenons (Flavor of Love) to traumedy gold (One Mississippi). While every day in LA is an adventure, traveling with her husband across the globe is her favorite hobby. SO GLAD TO MEET YOU is her first novel.


So Glad to Meet You was a very emotional, but beautiful book filled with healing. Do you plan on reading So Glad to Meet You?


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