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Today we have something new on The Book Dutchesses. Both of us are a big fan of TV shows, so we wanted something more about that. Twice a month we will be doing Show Sunday. There are so many shows we both watch, so the topics are endless, haha.

I am going to start this new post off with shows I first bingewatched. What shows got me going to be the big fan I am now? Let’s take a look!

I’ve always watched some TV shows, but over the years that has become a very long list. There are three that I completely watched, well bingewatched, that I still love today. I want to tell you a little about them and why I love them so much! The pictures I use for each show, I found on


Dawson’s Creek I guess the bingewatching started off with this show. When this show first aired, I was 11. Right before I really started getting into teen dramas and shows like this. Well, a few years later a channel out here started airing the episodes. A friend of mine at the time, loved the show just as much as I did. I remember that summer we would both watch the episodes that came out every weekday.

It’s a show with a lot of drama, haha. The will they, won’t they between Joey and Dawson. This all gets more dramatic as it goes on when Pacey comes in the picture. Add some high school drama, deaths, fights, family troubles, etc. and you have the perfect drama show. That summer they only showed a few seasons and I didn’t see all the episodes, so I added them on my Christmas wishlist. I still own all the seasons on DVD.

That’s when I started watching them all, haha. To be honest, I have seen a couple seasons more than once. I loved the characters that joined the show along the way and was sad when there were no more episodes. This show will always be a favorite, because I guess it’s where it all started for me with shows like this.


Gilmore Girls I am sad to say I was late to watching this one as well! Again, they started airing this out here every Monday night. I think they started off at the time with the second or third season. Gilmore Girls was still interesting though and I started watching every week. Unfortunately, I ended up working the nights they aired it, so would miss most of the episode. Luckily that changed the next season, but that left me wanting more.

Once again I started asking for them on DVD, so I could start from the beginning! I ended up bingewatching this mother-daughter duo and couldn’t get enough. So much in fact that I watched them all over again a couple years later with my Mom. Lorelai and Rory are still two of my favorite characters and I would love to live in Stars Hollow. Everyone knows everyone and the funniest people live there. Lorelai was a teen mom and a single mom while Rory was growing up. Rory is easy to relate to, because she loves books and school, haha. Both characters are quirky, but so much fun!

Over the seasons all of these characters really grew on me. Just typing this makes me want to watch them all over again. I don’t think there was a season I wasn’t happy with. We did get four episodes on Netflix, but I still want more. Especially after that ending!! I need to know how that all turns out.


One Tree Hill This is the only show out of the three that I actually watched as it was going. Well the last couple of seasons anyways. I had heard about this show, but didn’t get a chance to watch it until they started airing it here. Unfortunately, they stopped after the first season and left us hanging with a pretty major cliffhanger. I needed to know if Lucas would live! Haha. I actually forgot about this show for awhile until a summer many years ago by now. I had just broken up with my boyfriend at that time and was sad. My parents took me shopping the day after to cheer me up. At the store I saw all the seasons of this that were out.

Of course, I had to buy them all. It was summer break, so I had enough time on my hands. I think I watched all of what I had within two weeks. After that I had to wait until the next season came out on DVD. That was torture, because I really loved this show. There is a lot of drama, but it’s also filled with a lot of love and friendship. Lucas and Haley are my favorite friendship of all time, haha. Haley was relatable as well. Studied hard and got her things done.

In the end we got 9 seasons, but it still wasn’t enough. I was happy how it ended though. The couples I wanted to be together were and they all got their own happily ever after in some way. Even some characters I didn’t like in the beginning (for example Brooke), I ended up loving in the end.


So this is the first Show Sunday! Have any of you bingewatched these shows as well? Or what is the first show you fell in love with? I would love to hear about it! And because of typing this all I want to do is go watch these shows again, haha.

2 thoughts on “Show Sunday| First Shows I Bingewatched

  1. I was such a fan of One Tree Hill. I never finished the last few episodes though. I know I need to, but I kind of felt that it wouldn’t be over if I didn’t watch them. Weird, I know. I got sucked into the first season quickly because of the characters, but I also loved it for the music.

    1. You really should. I was happy with the ending, but very sad it was over! I can understand your train of thoughts. Music in the show was amazing as well!

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