Mini Reviews | Comic Edition #6

I realized it had been some time since my last comic reviews and have since read a couple. So today seemed like the perfect time to do another one of these mini reviews. I will be talking about one more fun, slice of life kinda comic and two more gritty, thriller kind of comics. And when I say comic, I also mean graphic novel as I never know what term to use. So I just use both whenever I feel like it haha.

Giant Days Vol 1 – John Allison, Lissa Treiman, & Whitney Cogar

I’ve seen this one around for some time now and didn’t really know what it was about. The only thing I knew was that it takes place at university. And that’s something I really enjoy, as I read a lot of YA most stories are set at high school. It’s been 10 years since I went to high school, however I was still at a campus 3 years ago so that setting is always a plus for me. I can simply relate to it more easily.

It was a bit of a surprise to find out this was more of a slice of life story and the I did feel like it lacked a bit of a plot. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it’s about. What I can tell you is that is features great female friendships and has amazing characters. The three girls, Esther, Daisy, and Susan are really great characters and are completely different from each other. This gives us a fun dynamic and takes the story all kinds of places. Giant Days is a fun read is you want to read about girls navigating university life. I definitely want to continue reading this story. The art was pretty nice as well, not anything special but enjoyable for sure.

Deadly Class Vol 1: Reagan Youth – Rick Remender, Wes Craig, Lee Loughridge, & David Lapham

I came across Deadly Class when ordering some other graphic novels online. The title sounded interesting so I figured I’d take a closer look. When reading the synopsis I knew this was one I had to get. Deadly Class is a pretty gruesome story about a school for assassins in the 80’s.

There are some diverse and very interesting characters. Marcus is our main character and he has had a pretty tough life. And now it may have gotten even harder. I love the concept of the school and the plot had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. This story was unputdownable and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next volume. Like I said, it’s pretty gritty and also pretty graphic. This is definitely something you need to be into to be able to enjoy, luckily for me I’m into this stuff for sure. The art style wasn’t my favorite but I did really enjoy the colors that were used throughout the story. It gave the story the right feel and created the perfect atmosphere. I also just read somewhere that there might be a tv show in 2019, how exciting is that?

Locke & Key Vol 1: Welcome to Lovecraft – Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodríguez

Locke & Key has been on my wishlist ever since I heard it mentioned in a booktube video (I believe on BookRoast), however these are pretty expensive. So I had to wait until it was a bit more affordable. I expected to read this one right away but it actually took me a while to pick it up. My expectations were so high and I was scared to be let down. Let me tell you, there was NO reason to worry at all haha.

The story of the Locke family is told alternated between the events leading up to the dad’s murder and the aftermath of his death. After their dad is killed his three children and wife move to his family home. And there is some weird stuff going on there! This horror graphic novel was creepy and towards the end it got still more creepy and maybe even downright scary (although I’ll admit I’m a wuss). The characters are well developed and interesting and the plot is amazing. I simply can’t wait to get the next volumes and would love to just binge all of them. The art is amazing, I highly enjoyed it. As you might’ve guessed I loved this graphic novel and would highly recommend it.

These were some of the comics or graphic novels I recently read. Have you read any of these? And do you have any recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts!

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