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Last week Candyce talked about her most read authors and today it’s my turn! We saw this post over at Melany’s blog and I recently saw a couple of booktubers do the same thing. When you go to your Goodreads (not on the mobile website) and go to ‘My Books’, on the left side below your shelves you can find the option ‘most read authors’. Super easy and really fun to watch. Are you curious as to who are my most read authors? Keep on reading!

Number 5 is actually a shared spot so I decided to show both of the authors. I will also be counting down from 5 to 1 to build up the suspense haha.

5. P.C. Cast
# of books read: 12
Favorite book: Marked

Now this is kind of a funny one because I low key hate these books haha. I read Marked years ago and did enjoy it at the time. This series (House of Night) is just soooo long. It’s 12 books, hence why I read 12 books of hers haha. However I felt like it could’ve been done in 4 or maybe 5 books. The story just kept on expanding into unnecessary things and the only reason I continued it because I hate leaving a story unfinished. I was debating picking the last book as my ‘fav’ because that one meant I was finally done with this series haha. Little disclaimer; I did create all 12 books with 2 stars so I don’t really have a favorite.

5. Jennifer Lynn Barnes
# of books read: 12
Favorite book: All In

Once again it was hard to pick a favorite book but this time around that was because of how much I loved so many of her books. I started reading Jen’s books with the Raised by Wolves series which I really enjoyed. Then came one of my favorite series ever, the Naturals. If you love Criminal Minds, like I very much do, this is a series you can not miss. I picked the third book as my favorite although I might pick another one if you ask me again tomorrow. Another favorite is The Fixer duology, absolutely loved those books but the ending was way to open so there better be a sequel somewhere in the future.

4. J.K. Rowling
# of books read: 13
Favorite book: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

I guess this would be 15 if you also count the books JK Rowling wrote as Robert Galbraith. Choosing my favorite HP book is nearly impossible haha, this is another one where my favorite book might be different if you’d ask me again next week. I do love so many aspects of the Goblet of Fire, the Quidditch world championship is one of my favorite things ever, same with the dragon challenge and the ending was really setting the tone for the rest of the books which I loved. There are so many beautiful editions of these books, I own about 19 books now but I will continue to buy more haha.

3. Sarah J. Maas
# of books read: 16
Favorite book: Empire of Storms

This was such a hard choice! I love all of Sarah’s books but the Throne of Glass series is for sure my fav. However picking one of those is HARD, Queen of Shadows used to be my favorite but then came Empire of Storms with one of my absolute favorite scene’s EVER. Tower of Dawn was amazing as well and is high up there as well. Like Candyce I first read all the novella’s one by one so I added them like that on Goodreads, so that’s how I got to 16. I just have to mention it again but I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL KoA!!! Please let it be October asap.

2. Karin Slaughter
# of books read: 17
Favorite book: Pretty Girls / Genesis

Karin Slaughter is my number 1 thriller author and I love all of her books. I’m kinda ashamed that I still have 3 unread books by her. They are on my soon to be read list haha. Choosing a favorite was pretty difficult, I chose Pretty Girls for her non Sara/Will books as that one was so creepy and so well written. For her Sara/Will books I picked Genesis, this was actually my first Karin book haha, yes I started reading these in the middle of the series. After that first one I started from the start and was pretty devastated to start loving a character I knew would be dying in one of the books haha. Thinking about these books makes me want to pick up one of the new one’s right away.

1. Cassandra Clare
# of books read: 31
Favorite book: City of Heavenly Fire

I was so surprised to find Cassie Clare in the number one spot, I guess it’s because I read and added all the novella’s separately and there are A LOT of novella’s haha. Cassandra Clare is definitely not my favorite author but her world is definitely addictive so I can’t stop reading her books haha. I’m a bit embarrassed that I haven’t read Lady Midnight yet but Candyce and I planned on reading LM and Lord of Shadows at the end of the year.

It was so much fun to look at this list! I am actually a little bit surprised by some of the authors on here and would love to do another one of these in about a year or so to see if anything has changed. Who are some of your most read authors? Let me know in the comments!

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