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The Art of Taking Chances is a collection of short stories. All of these stories are young adult and contemporary (romance). I was introduced to this anthology through Kayla Tirrell. I have read and reviewed a few of her books this past year and loved them! When I heard she would also be writing a story, I needed to read it. The Art of Taking Chances is also a perfect summer read! Today I have a review of the whole book and for each short story!


“It makes you feel all the feels. And it lets you know that it’s okay to feel it all.” -Cookie O’Gorman, The Art of Taking Chances Foreword

In love, you have to leap to feel the rush.

From first kisses to second chances and celebrity encounters, this collection of young adult contemporary romance short stories has it all.

A forbidden game of truth or dare turns into summer love, a chemistry lab explosion leads to fireworks, a last-minute to-do list becomes an end-of-summer road trip. But first, they’ll have to take the leap.

These delightful, swoon-worthy stories will have you ready to take an adventure of your own. Take a chance and download the collection free today.


This is such a cute anthology. The Art of Taking Chances is the perfect summer read for contemporary lovers.
I liked some stories more than others and at times I wished a story could turn into a full book. This was a fun and fast read.

Fangirl – Deborah Balogun

Fangirl is a meet cute between Sadie and her idol’s long lost twin brother. While this story is cute, I guess a bit too cliché and things happened too fast. I mean, a father letting a strange boy his daughter just met stay at their house? Not going to happen these days.

Forever and Always – Seven Steps

Peter has been in love with Wendy for awhile and wants her to choose him for the Winter Formal. One problem, Wendy doesn’t seem to know who he is! The whole story was cute. Maybe a bit extreme, the risks he took just to ask Wendy out. That kind of annoyed me. The story made up for that with the letters. In the digital world these days, letters aren’t often written. He kept up though, sending them that long. So even though this story is a bit too much for me, it was still a fun read! I would love a full book of the start of the letters and continuing from there. That should be a story.

The Friend Rules – Melanie Hooyenga

Alex has three best friends who just happen to be all guys. She has rules to keep this going well. Developing feelings for one of them isn’t something she wants to do. Even has a ruke against it. Sometimes feelings are unstoppable though. It was really cute seeing her realize that she felt more! Maybe falling in love with your best friend isn’t such a bad idea. Definitely a story that would be awesome as a full book!

More Than a List – Yesenia Vargas

This was such a touching story! The author managed to bring tears to my eyes with a short story! That just really proves how talented this author is. Riley lost her mother not that long ago and it’s hard. Especially with graduation around the corner. She finds a list they made and decides to try and complete it with her best friend Axel. They go on a road trip and have their own adventure. I loved every minute of this story!

(Not So) Perfect Chemistry – Kayla Tirrell

Jessi and Mason are assigned to be lab partners. This is Jessi’s worst nightmare after the last few months. They had a major fall out that was very public. Mason tries to make this right, but is it too late? I loved this story. I can’t imagine what that was like for Jessi or Mason. This just shows how awful social media can be and how easily misunderstandings can occur. I would love a whole book to learn more about these characters and their past before this story started.

Spark – Sally Henson

Regan and Lane are off to a party after Lane graduates. They share the same group of friend for awhile and it’s clear there are some feelings there. A spark if you may. But Regan’s no dating rule may be a problem. I am all for best friends to lpvers, but these characters kind of got on my nerves. It’s clear there is something more, but the whole story is them being jealous of the other talking to someone. When I finally think it’s going to be settled, the story ended. This one left me very unsatisfied. Spark didn’t feel like it fits with the rest of the stories.

Tell Me Something Real – Kelsie Stelting
A Texas Star Short Story

This is another story that I wished was longer. Harleigh helps around at her family’s farm. She isn’t a girly girl and this makes her insecure at times. That is unless she thinks about Curth. The help on the next farm over. She knows she should be careful, but just can’t help it. This is a cute story of budding love and a summer of exploring new things. This story would be a perfect start of a summer book. Definitely want more!

Tickets On Himself – Kat Colmer

To start off, a mention of The Greatest Showman, Harry Potter and The Illuminae Files within the first few chapters scored major points with me. Tickets on Himself is such a cute story. When Ally gets tickets to a concert from her former best friend, she can’t stand the idea. Selling the tickets brings a new person in her life. How will it all go when they finally meet to exchange the tickets. I had a feeling I knew how it would end pretty early on, but it didn’t stop the smile on my face when I finished this story.

Unstoppable Love – Michele Mathews

Peyton was hoping to spend her last summer before college free of anything to do with boys. When the bakery she works at hires a boy, she almost wants to quit. Jace just wants to be friendly and doesn’t know what is going on. I loved this story. Peyton was hurt and doesn’t have a reason to think other guys are any better. She just had to realize she needed to find the right one.

This was a cute anthology. It’s always interesting to see what an anthology will be like. All the stories are different and short stories can leave you wanting more. Some of them did, but they were all really sweet. I definitely think The Art of Taking Chances belongs on your summer TBR! Have you read anything like this before? What is your favorite anthology?

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