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After doing the Mid Year Freak Out tag yesterday day we thought it would be fun to talk a bit about the reading goals we set for ourselves for 2018. In December last year we posted about all the goals we wanted to set for ourselves for this year. How are we doing with those goals? Are we on track, or are we failing hopelessly? Let’s find out!


When writing down these goals I was pretty happy with them! And while I did think they would be a challenge, I also expected to be doing better than I’m doing now haha. Two of the goals are going to be easy to meet but the rest of them… Lets get into it haha.

My first goal is the Goodreads Challenge. I’ve been participating for 3 years now, I believe and this is the first year I dared to put my goal at a 100 books. Last year I managed to read my 100th book on the last day of the year so I figured it would be doable but would still be a challenge. However I already read 85 books this year! So I’m pretty sure this one isn’t going to be hard at all 😉

The next goal was to reduce my physical TBR. To make this happen I wanted to read 50 books that I had owned before 2018. I’m not counting rereads as they don’t do anything for my TBR. Sooooo, out of those 85 books…. only 8 are ones I already owned. Pretty embarrassing right? I must admit this goal, and me realizing this fact is actually the reason why I wanted to write this post. My book buying habit has only grown my TBR and I need to do something about it. I’m renewing my resolve to reduce my physical TBR. The audiobook I’m currently listening to is one of a book I already own, this way I can help myself to kinda of meet this goal. It would be great if I read 25 books that would work for this goal, that way at least I met the half year goal.

My third goal was about unfinished series. I start a ton of series but don’t tend to finish as much. There are so many series I want to finish but I somehow still haven’t. There are actually a ton of ones with just the last book unread, should be easy to meet right. So far there are 6 series that I either finished or am now caught up with. That’s actually right on schedule, pretty decent right? The series aren’t the ones I was planning on reading so I hope to pick up some of the other ones as well.

The next goal, number four, is for classics. UGH! Total failure! We wanted to read 4 classics this year and had them all planned out. Unfortunately I haven’t even read 1 so far. I don’t really see it happen to be honest. There are still classics I want to read and at some point I will pick them up, but I guess that time is not now.

Goal number five was to read 12 comics, 1 for each month. I lumped comics and graphic novels together and I actually am doing REALLY well! After 6 months I already read 15 comics/graphic novels! This makes me super happy and I hope to double this in the second half of the year.

Next up, my goal about unread subscription boxes books. I get at least one book box every month but I have quite some unread ones. After a quick count it looks like I have 9 unread subscription box books but I’m not sure that’s correct. Although, after another count, it seems to actually be 20… I do really want to make work of this one, so I’ll try to read at least 2 books that count for this per week. And if I make some smart choices they can also count for the reducing my TBR goal.

My last goal is to read 4 non-fiction books this year. I didn’t read any last year, even though I started a couple of interesting ones. 4 Books seems pretty reasonable, and I did actually read 1. It should be pretty doable to read 3 more this year, definitely going to try and do this. I already know which 2 to read first!


At the beginning of the year, I was really excited about my bookish goals. After six months, I have to say I have been failing most of them, haha. I had a feeling this may happen, but I am kind of disappointed in one of them. That’s why this post was a good idea. Telling everyone in the bookish world that it’s not going exactly as plan will hopefully motivate me a bit more.

My first goal is my Goodreads Challenge. This one I’m not worried about! While writing this I am at 120 out of 160 books. I am still so shocked this year. I have never read this many books this fast! Ever since we started the blog, I have been reading really well. I read between 15-20 books a month! Of course, I have a pretty long commute to work, without that I don’t think I would be even close to this. Still, I am very happy with my accomplishment. Will I be able to make 200 by the end of the year?

My second goal was to read four classics. I don’t see this one happening anymore, haha. We had a whole plan of what to read when and I don’t think either of us has even bought one yet. Reading classics is still something I think I want to do. Maybe this will be a challenge I pick up next year. I think it wasn’t the year for classics.

My third goal was to finish a series every month. As we speak, I have finished 5 out of the 12 series I want to finish. I am a little behind, but I think I can fix this one before the end of the year. Some books coming out in the last half of 2018 are last books in a series, so I am not worried about this one!

My last goal is to read at least 50 books I already owned before 2018. Besides the classics, this one is the worst! If I don’t count rereads, which I don’t, I have only read 5 books that I can count for this goal. I kind of failed this one, haha. Participating in blog tours and reviewing for authors has taken up some time. So, I decided that starting in September I won’t be doing this as often! I am sticking to my commitments and ARC teams, but between my anticipated releases and all of the unread books on my shelves, I have enough to do!

Did you set any reading goals this year? And how are you doing with them? Let us know in the comments!

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