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It’s hard to believe that half of this year is already over. June has come and gone and it’s time to show you our June Wrap Up. What did we read? How are our challenges doing? Were the books we read good? Today we are going to tell you about our reading in June.


June was another good reading month for me! I read 19 books, not bad if I say so myself. That sets my Goodreads challenge at 119/160. I have never read this many books so early on in the year. Hopefully this means I will hit 200 before the end of the year!! I’m not even going to mention my Backlist Books, haha. I did finish a series, seing how Follow Me Back was a duology. That brings that to 5/12. A bit behind, but not too bad! A lot of these are already reviewed. If they are, you can click on the title of the book!


Cut Loose – Julia Wolf

Cut Loose is the second book in the Sublime series and it was a lot of fun. My favorite character Frannie got her story and I loved every minute of it. I know we’re getting another book this year, so I am excited to see the next character and read more about the ones I already love!

Just One of the Royals – Leah Rooper

This was such a cute contemporary! And to make a change it was the male character who was royalty instead of the female and to top it off, it’s a best friends to lovers story. And what I find unique for a YA book, we got the story from both POVs. I loved this! I know the author is writing a book for the the main character’s sister and I can’t wait!

Moonlight Sins & Moonlight Seduction – Jennifer L. Armentrout

As a big fan of this author, I was really excited for this trilogy. Number three doesn’t come out until next year. Three brothers and a family curse sound pretty interesting don’t you think? Unfortunately, I didn’t like them as much as I did her other books. Moonlight Sins was interesting and it’s not that I didn’t want more, but that I felt we were still missing a part of the story. This changed a bit in Moonlight Seduction, but some aspects of the story came a little late in my opinion. They’re still fun reads and the main characters are awesome! I will be reading the third one.


Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

We plan on doing a reread every month until KoA comes out! I am a little behind with these at the moment, but I will catch up. This was the third time I read Throne of Glass and I’m still discovering new things. Sometimes I really think I need to let myself reread things more! We plan on posting our reviews near release day in October, so keep an eye out. It will be hear before we know it.

People Like Us – Dana Mele

I LOVED People Like Us! This was a group read for TBR & Beyond and I am happy I gread this now. It’s a YA Thriller and of course, someone dies in the beginning, haha. Dana Mele really knows how to keep us guessing though, because it wasn’t until close to the end that I figured everything out. These girls are worse than the girls from Mean Girls. That says a lot!

Mister Tonight – Kendall Ryan

I think everything Kendall Ryan writes is something I end up loving. She knows how to write fun, sexy and romantic books. The characers are lovable and you want them to have a happily ever after. The funny moments make you laugh out loud and you melt when there are sweet and romantic moments!


Dive Smack -Demetra Brodsky

Dive Smack wasn’t a book I had heard of until I saw the sign up for the blog tour! This is Demetra’s debut book and it was amazing! I loved the mystery and how it built up to the ending. The book would’ve only been better for me if the family history was talked about a bit more. Dive Smack is a standalone and I really wish it was going to become more!

Love Scene, Take Two – Alex Evansley

Another cute contemporary (I am loving them at the moment) . An actor gets stranded with none author than the author of the YA book to movie he just auditioned for. I am always happy when a book also has to do with a character writing or loving books. This book wa so much more though and I loved that about it. I wouldn’t mind the book being filmed actually being written. These characters were funny and very likable.

Follow Me Back & Tell Me No Lies – A.V. Geiger

I read Follow Me Back last year and have been waiting for Tell Me No Lies. When Tell Me No Lies arrived, I was really in the mood to reread Follow Me Back. SO I did, haha. Tell Me No Lies followed soon after and it was another fast read, but the first book was still better to me. I really hope to find more books like this though!


Love Me, Love Me Not – S.M. Koz

Foster kids aren’t really in a lot of YA books (that I have read anyways), so I really thought this one was going to be interesting. I was right. The main character doesn’t have a great parental system and ends up in and out of foster care. She finally gets a family where she can relax and actually feel safe. Then she develops feelings for her foster brother. I am sure this happens often, but I have to say I wish the romance got less attention. It kind of overwhelmed the book at times.

Circle of Ashes – Elise Kova

Circle of Ashes is the sequel to The Society of Wishes. I liked this one better than the first book, because we got to know the other characters more. There was more background information and I felt it wasn’t as focused on the main character. The series lacks a bit for me though in the way the book ends, really suddenly. And the love scene¬† that doesn’t seem in place. It kind of comes out of nowhere. I do want to read the next one though. I am hoping we get more answers and that the love aspect takes a backseat, or is developed more.

The Varlet & The Voyeur – Penny Reid & L.H. Cosway

Penny Reid is known for fun romance books and this one didn’t disappoint. This is the last book in the Rugby series, but can be read as a standalone. Will has his own preferences and this gives him some issues. Josey is a socially awkward woman who needs a place to stay. They arrange to help each other out and this turns to be more than they expected. Again a book filled with funny, romantic and just sweet moments.


The Upside of Falling – Meghan Quinn

Megahn Quinn is an amazing writer and I was really curious to see what her new book would bring. It was everything I wasn’t expecting! This was a really emotional book and the ending was not what I was expecting! The Upside of Falling was a rollercoaster. I received an ARC for the second book! I need to know how this ends!

Reign of the Fallen – Sarah Glenn Marsh

Reign of the Fallen was another group read for TBR & Beyond and it sounded interesting. I don’t think I have ever read anything with necromancers, so I decided to give it try. I should’ve read this sooner!! Sarah writes a very unique world and it takes turns you don’t expect. This is a YA that deals with grief and addiction in a good way! I am very much looking forward to the second book.

Getting Schooled – Emma Chase

Emma Chase is an author that I have heard of and wanted to read a book from. Getting Schooled happned to be the first one and it didn’t disappoint! Getting Schooled was hilarious and so much more than a romance. The characters were also teachers and loved what they do! I loved that this was an element involve in the book. I was sad when the book was over.


My Lullaby of You – Alia Rose

This book was described as a book for fans of Jenny Han and Sarah Dessen. That was very accurate and this author has the same writing style. This book is about dealing with emotions, your past and ggrowing up.  I love the characters and this story.

Blood Match – K.A. Linde

This is the second book in the Blood Type trilogy and it’s even better than the first one. And that one was already amazing! Blood Type ended in a cliffhanger and this continued a little after that. The characters are amazing and the storyline leaves you wanting more! I am really looking forward to Blood Cure!



I read 13 books this month, and I’m pretty happy with that. There were 6 novels, 2 novella’s, 1 poetry collection, 3 graphic novels, and 1 manga. I hit 85 books this year and that is the most I’ve ever read in 6 months. While I’m super happy with that number I did realize I hardly read any books I owned before 2018. 7 to be surprised, that is definitely my goal for the second part of the year. To read at least 18 more books I already owned. My TBR only grew this year and that’s not good haha. Let’s take a look at the books I read.

Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas

This was a reread for me. Candyce and I are rereading all of the Throne of Glass books in anticipation of the release of Kingdom of Ash. This was a great read, just as it was the first 2 times. It was so much fun to see all the little details that mean so much more when you know the whole story!

Running Blind – M.J. Arlidge

This novella is part of the Helen Grace series. I really enjoy these mystery novels and was happy to be back in this series. After reading this short story, I hope to pick up the sequel soon.

Spectacle vol 1 – Megan Rose Gedris

I got this graphic novel through Netgalley. You can find my review on it here. I thought this was an enjoyably read and would definitely be interested in reading the sequel.

Cast Long Shadows – Cassandra Clare

Another novella by Cassandra Clare. This will probably be something included in the next couple of wrap ups haha. Every month or so a new story is released and I just need to read them all.

People Like Us – Dana Mele

I got this one in a bookbox and had planned on reading it ever since. The group read (and chat with Dana Mele) was the perfect moment to finally pick it up. Candyce and I did a buddy review on this one.

The Lion and the Bride – Mika Sakurano

This manga was another Netgalley read. I can hardly believe what I read, the message in this manga is horrible. But at the same time it as highly enjoyable and I kept laughing out loud so many times. This is one I probably wouldn’t pay for but I would still want to read the sequel.

Tell Me No Lies – A.V. Geiger

One of my most highly anticipated releases this year. I absolutely loved Follow Me Back and couldn’t put it down. There was a pretty shocking cliffhanger so I was happy when I was able to start reading this one. Candyce and I did another buddy review.

The Witch Doesn’t Burn In This One – Amanda Lovelace

I got Amanda’s first poetry collection last winter and I flew through it. When I came across this one on my audiobook app I wanted to listen to it right away. It was interesting to hear the author read her own poetry out loud, this way I knew I wouldn’t miss out on anything by reading it the wrong way.

Locke & Key vol 1 – Joe Hill

I wanted to get this one so badly and then I finally did. Obviously I couldn’t read it right away, as one does with new books I put it on my nightstand haha. This month I finally picked it up and I really enjoyed it. It was pretty dark and gruesome but it was so well done and had the right amount of creepy. Can’t wait to get the next ones.

The Wicked + The Divine vol 1 – Kieron Gillen

The premise of this graphic novel was super interesting and I liked the diverse cast of characters. I would definitely pick up the sequels to this series and can’t wait to see where it all goes and ends.

Crown of Midnight – Sarah J. Maas

This was our Throne of Glass reread for this month and I can’t wait to start Heir of Fire. I didn’t like everything in this book but the last page just got me to tear up once again. I want to start reading HoF right away, these books are simply amazing.

Labyrinth Lost – Zoraida Cordova

We had a pride event in the facebook group Candyce and I are part of and one of the books on the recommendation list was this one. I also found it as an audiobook and that really helped with finishing it before the challenge is over.

Every Heart a Doorway – Seanan McGuire

This was another pride month book and I finally get why everyone is gushing about this series. I loved this book and the characters were amazing. And that is pretty impressive for such a thin book. Can’t wait to read the next ones.


These were all the books we read in June, how was your reading month? Have you read any of the books we read? Let us know in the comments!

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