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I have always loved playing boardgames and this hasn’t changed at all being an adult. Lucky enough, my boyfriend loves them as well.We already have a pretty good collection. Not too long ago, we were actually able to add a bookish boardgame to our collection. I thought it would be fun to talk about this on this blog to let more people know about Hogwarts Battle.


Hogwarts Battle is a deck building game and follows the movies/books. There are technically seven games, all seven years. That may seem like it means you can’t play this game more than one, but that isn’t true. Everytime you play, you have other cards of course and the order of villains and cards can be different. Every year has villains to beat and locations to play on. You can play one of four characters: Harry, Ron, Hermione or Neville. These pictures are from the year 3 game. For year 1 and 2 you have cards with the pictures from the first movie.


Basically, the whole point in the game is to beat the villains before all the locations get filled with Dark Marks. The fun thing about this game is that you have to work together. Everyone either wins or loses! To play the game, you use spells, items and allies. All of these things are something you find in the books. That is what I love about this. Our well known story brought to life in a game you can play.


As the games go on, you constantly add all the cards from previous years to the next game. This makes the game get harder, but also a lot of fun. So far, we have played games 1-4. While we were on vacation we played the fourth game and it was hard!! We had to play twice before we actually won. You can play with up to four people and to be honest,  I think we’re going to need four players to beat the next few games.


Another great thing about this game is that you don’t need to know anything about Harry Potter to play. It’s a lot of fun when you do, but it’s not something required to play. So if you have friends who aren’t really fans, this still could be a game they end up enjoying! And look how pretty the back of the board is!


Writing this post is making me want to go grab the game and play, haha. After you play all seven games in this box, there is an expansion. We got that one as well, but haven’t actually played. I will definitely post about that when we eventually get to it! I’m sure it will be just as fun. Hogwarts Battle is even fun for our kittens. Shasta loves the empty box when we’re playing, haha.


If you want to know anything about the game beofre buying it, feel free to ask! I am hoping that we will get more bookish boardgames in the future! Do you like boardgames? What is your favorite? And just to be clear, I wrote this post because I love the game. Not being sponsored by anything but myself, haha.


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