How I Met My Book #15 | Reign of the Fallen – Sarah Glenn Marsh

Another Sunday, another How I Met My Book! Candyce first came across #howimetmybook on Early Bookish Bird‘s blog and it seemed like a fun meme to do as well. She started #howimetmybook so we’re alternating between #howimetmybook and Down the TBR hole on Sundays. Today I decided to talk about a book I’m currently reading, Reign of the Fallen by Sarah Glenn Marsh. The synopsis sounded really interesting as soon as I heard about it and I’m happy I finally picked it up.

In this post we tell the story behind our books. The following questions will be answered: Where did we get the book? Why did we pick it up? What made us pick it up in the first place?

I first came across this book when someone was compiling some pre-order campaigns, Reign of the Fallen was one of the few ones that was available for international readers. The story sounded really cool and I adored the character cards that were part of the pre order campaign. Unfortunately I’m such a procrastinator and by the time I got around to ordering the books, Sarah was out of character cards. So I figured I wouldn’t pre order the book just yet, simply because I already own way to many books and to be honest I was ordering it for the character cards haha.

Some time passed and I joined this wonderful facebookgroup TBR and Beyond. This month we’re doing a pride themed reading challenge and Reign of the Fallen was one of the books recommended. But it wasn’t only recommended, no our amazing moderator also managed to set up a live chat with Sarah last week. That was the last push I needed to get this book. The hardcover was pretty expensive and I already spend tons and tons of money on books this year, so I decided to go for the paperback. I wasn’t sure it was available as Bookdepository didn’t have it, they have it listed to be released January 2019. The Dutch website I often use, did have it but they haven’t been that reliable lately, so I tried to keep my expectations low. Luckily for me, they did have it and the next day I had it in my hands. Somehow I still didn’t pick it up right away, so while the group discussion for this book started yesterday, I’m over here trying to read the book asap to join in haha.

Have you read Reign of the Fallen? What did you think of it? Or if you haven’t, do you want to pick it up? Let me know in the comments!

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