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Summer is just about here, well at least temperature wise. On the 15th I’m going away with my boyfriend for a week, so I thought a summer book tag would be fun to do. I didn’t have any ready, so after searching on Google, I stumbled upon this tag on A Book Lovers Playlist‘s blog. Let’s see if this tag can get me ready for my vacation!

What book cover makes you think of summer?

For this one I have to choose Hushed by Joanne Macgregor. Not only does this cover make me think of summer, but do does the story. I loved this YA contemporary. Keep an eye on the blog, because my review will be coming online this Saturday!

What book brightened your day?

At the beginning of this week I finished Just One of the Royals. This book really brightened my day. Sometimes I need a contemporary like that. The feel good books that leave a smile on your face. I loved that this book was told from more than one POV. Just One of the Royals takes place during the summer, so it fits this tag perfectly!

Name a book with yellow on it.

Last Chance to Fall was released at the end of May and is so good. Kelsey Kingsley is such a good writer and makes us love the brothers she writes about. Out of the three brothers, Sean is definitely my faavorite. He is a careful person who doesn’t take risks, but that changes when someone asks him, what if it’s your last chance?


What is your favorite summer beach read?

This is a hard question! There are so many books that I would use to answer this question. Today I choose Three Summers by S.J. Sylvis. Three Summer is her debut book and I really enjoyed it. A love story that takes place during three summers and they work at a pool. I’d say it’s a perfect story to read at the beach.

What action book had you running for the ice cream man?

Blood Type by K.A. Linde definitely made me want to run for the ice cream man. This is a paranormal romance and a lot happens. Near the end of the book there are quite a few action packed moments and a cliffhanger that still has me amazed! Luckily I have an ARC of Blood Match which I will be starting soon, so the ice cream man will be visited soon.

What book has left you with a bad ending?

I Hate Everyone But You didn’t have a very bad ending, but I did not like how the story went near the end. While I understand that friendds go and things change, the way a character acted twords her best friend, just didn’t feel right. This upset me as well, because the rest of the book is really good. I love that it’s told through texts and e-mails. I was just disappointed about the way certain things went.


What book gave you the happiest feeling when it ended?

Wow, this question is harder than answering my favorite beach read! I’m sure many books could be my answer, but for now I choose My lady Jane. That book was so much fun and I want to mention it as well, because My Plain Jane comes out this month!! The authors take history and make it their own in such a fun way!

What book cover reminds you of a sunset?

Colliding Skies reminds me of a sunset. I love this cover!! The colors are amazing and it definitely makes you want to pick it up. I just wish the story was that good as well!

What is one book series you hope to read this summer?

This summer I hope to start the middle grade series The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer. I own the first three and it sounds so cute. I think it will be a fast and easy read, so it’s perfect for the summer. There are six books in total, so I have quite a few to read!



This was a really fun tag to do! I think it helped getting me in to a summer mood before my week vacation! I tag anyone who wants to get into a summer mood! What is your favorite beach read?


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