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Last week my Fairyloot for the month May came and today I want to show you all what was inside this months’s box! Since April’s box was delayed, this month’s box felt like it came so soon. I wasn’t expeting the email with the trackinginfo yet but was extremely happy when I got it. Every month it feels like a present to myself and I can’t resist opening the box right away. I was a bit disappointed with last month’s box so I was really hoping for one more to my liking. Lets see what we got this in the May Fairyloot.

This month’s theme was Save the Kingdom and that sounds like something that’s right up my alley. The spoilercards have such beautiful art every single time and it’s nothing different this time. I love collecting all of these but I need to think of a place to put them up.

The first item I pulled out of the box was one I never gotten before; a lip scrub! I gotta be honest, I’ve never used lip scrub before haha. Super excited to try it out though. And the smell is amazing! The scrub was made by Geeky Clean (love their products) and there were three different variations. The scrub was based on the kingdoms from The Remnant Chronicles, a series I recently read and enjoyed. I got the Morrighan scrub and it smells like berries and grape.

Next up is another exciting item; an English Breakfast tea. The label says; Wake Up, it’s time to save the kingdom. That label was what got me super excited! I absolutely love tea, I drink is all day,every day, year round. So getting tea in a bookbox is one of my favorite things. This tea was created by The Tea Leaf Co.

I’m currently rereading Throne of Glass so this item was perfect to get this month. I don’t really use page flags but I want to get into using them. Whenever I’m reviewing a book or just talking about it with freinds I have trouble remembering details and specific quotes and it takes me forever to find them again! I really like the design on these wyrd mark page flags by Fictiotea Designs.

I love the design on this coaster, it was done by Evie Bookish one of my favorite designers in the bookish community. The quote; You Are Your Own Best Weapon,  is from The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski. I haven’t read that series yet so I’m not super excited by the item but as I said I do really like the design. This is also a series that’s on my to read list so I might be really happy that I have some merch in the future 😉

Next up is this stunning vegan bath bomb created by Little Hearts Gifts. The plastic made it a bit difficult to photograph but I hope you can still see how amazing it looks. It also smells really nice. The castle is Norgard and it’s from the book that was featured this month. I really enjoy getting items from the book in the box.

And then the item we knew was going to be in here and that got me extremely excited! I love getting booksleeves and can’t get enough of them. The quote on this one; Fear is only your enemy if you allow it to be,  is from An Ember in the Ashes from Sabaa Tahir. Another book series I really love so I’m extremely happy getting more merch from that series. This book sleeve feels like the quality is a bit less than the one we got in a previous box. I still really like the design by Reverie & Ink so I’m not complaining 😉

And then the most important item! The book we got this month is Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett. This was the book that I was expecting. We got an exclusive edition with black sprayed edges, isn’t it gorgeous? As usual we got a letter from the author and since the last couple of times the back of the letter has fanart from the book. I’m so happy with that, I love getting fanart and don’t really do anything with the author letter. Recently we also got a sticker with the book, I love stickers so this is another big plus for me. And as usual we get a bookplate with the authors signature.

I was extremely happy with this month’s box and I can’t wait for next month’s box. Really hope it will be as good as this months. What did you think of this box? Let me know in the comments!

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