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I love watching booktube videos on YouTube and about a week or two ago I watched a fun video by one of my favorite booktubers: Super Space Chick. She created the An Ember in the Ashes Booktag and I thought it would be fun to do that one today. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and I’m excited for the third book to come out. The questions in this tag are not ones I’ve seen in many other tags so I’m excited to do this! Let’s get started.

1) Elias: The Martial – A character who fights back against what they were raised to believe

For this one I have to agree with Kristin’s pick; Amari from Children of Blood and Bone. Her father the king got rid of magic in Orïsha and taught her how dangerous magic is and that maji are lesser than the rest of the people in Orïsha. Luckily she starts to see this differently and works her butt off to try and bring magic back to Orïsha. I really liked seeing her coming around and opening her eyes to what was going on.

2) Laia: The Scholar – A character who goes to extreme lengths to protect their family

For this one I choose an oldie but a goodie; Katniss Everdeen! The Hunger Games is basically where my love for YA books started and I think characters that do anything to protect their family are pretty common in YA. So there are a ton of characters to choose from, but Katniss has always been a favorite of mine.

3) Helene: The Mask – A feminist icon

This was a bit harder than I expected, I wanted the perfect answer for this question but that’s way too much pressure on myself. I’ going with Izzy from Everything but Okay. She is an amazing, funny, and wonderful character that goes through an awful thing. I think she is a great feminist icon because she doesn’t adhere to some of the ‘standards’ that are set for high school girls. Izzy kisses who she wants and if she wants to have sex with more than 1 guy that’s her choice! I also really liked her take on ‘The Nice Guy’ and that definitely opened my eyes. So happy we’re getting a sequel, can’t wait to read more about my favorite feminist.

4) Cain: The Auger – A character with the power of sight

This makes me realize I haven’t read that many books with seers in it and I want more. For this one I’m picking Elsabet the Oracle Queen from the Three Dark Crowns series. I absolutely love these books and while Elsabet is just in one of the novella’s I really liked her character. Her story had me crying at the end and I will definitely reread it. It’s an amazing novella in my opinion and I just wished it was longer!

5) Keris: The Commandant – a villain that you wish terrible things upon

Maeve from the Throne of Glass series! I’m pretty scared of what more she will have in store for us in Kingdom of Ash. I expect her to do some horrible things before the end of the book. She isn’t the only villain in this series but I hate her the most for sure. Especially after Empire of Storms and Tower of Dawn she’s very high up my hate-list haha.

6) Maizen: The Resistance – a strategic planner

The first character that comes to mind is Hanna Donnely from Gemina (#2 in the Illuminae files trilogy). Her father taught her a lot about strategic warfare and that helps her throughout the events in Gemina. She’s a pretty badass character and I enjoyed reading about her so much.

7) Spiro Teluman: The Smith – A character who has mastered their craft

I’m not completely sure if this counts but this reminds me of Alosa from Daughter of the Pirate King. She’s a pirate and her heist to get something for her father is so well done. She plays everyone, especially the ones that underestimate her. I need to pick up the sequel soon because I need to know how her story continues.

I tag everyone that wants to do this tag! And let me know in the comments if you know any good books with seers in them, preferably as a main character. I would love to read some 🙂

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  1. This is a great tag but I havent read Ember in the ashes so I don’t think i’m eligible to do the tag… Hehe.. But I agree with all your answers and enjoyed reading your post. 🙂 🙂
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    1. Thank you! And you need to read those books!! Such an incredible fantasy series, can’t wait to read book 3 😀

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