Wishlist Wednesday| Books Set in London

Candyce took a trip to London last weekend and this gave us inspiration for this week’s Wishlist Wednesday. Today we will show you some books set in London that are on our wishlists. If there are other books we need to know about, feel free to let us know!

25991081The Square Root of Summer This one has actually been on my list for quite some time, but I haven’t bought it yet. This seems like your typical contemporary, but it has a sci-fi twist. Along with that we read about her grieving and learning to love. The Square Root of Summer sounds like the perfect book to take to the beach this summer.

The Call Isabelle already read this book and loved it. A couple of our friends did as well. I normally don’t read books in28600081 this genre, but The Call sounds amazing. This is the type of book that I would read around Halloween, but not alone at night time. I may just need to buy this book before October.
(Edit: Oh Candyce, this is NOT set in London haha, but it is so good!)

25255576Asking for It After reading The Exact Opposite of Okay and tradition this seems like another book I need to read. When pictures come online after an assault, no one wants to believe Emma’s a victim. Why is it so easy to blame girls when something like this happens? I really think we need to start looking more at the boys in these situations as well. Asking for It seems like a book that more teenagers need to read. Isabelle read Only Ever Yours by this author and that was such an unique read.

The Art of Not Breathing I am a big fan of contemporary books and even more so when they are pretty realistic. It’s23203977 more of a good thing than anything if a book can make me cry. The Art of Not Breathing definitely sounds like a book that could fit these categories. After her brother drowned, Elsie is afraid of the water and doesn’t swim anymore. After meeting Tay, she is interested in his world. Will he be able to help her get over her fear?

A Spy in the House – Y.S. Lee This is set in Victorian London and I love that kind of setting! After watching the White Queen and the White Princess I really want to read more historical fiction. Those shows really reminded me of my love for history! A Spy in the House is the first in a series, The Agency, and is about a girl detective. This is all so up my alley and I hope the book is as good as the synopsis.

The Name of the Star – Maureen Johnson I actually talked about this one in one of my Down the TBR Hole articles. This is about Jack the Ripper and that always excites me! I was a bit disappointed in Stalking Jack the Ripper so I hope this one is more to my liking. Last February/March I listened to Maureen’s Truly Devious and really enjoyed that one so I have high hopes for The Name of the Star.

Lock & Mori – Heather W. Petty A modern day Sherlock Holmes and Miss Jane Moriarty story? Sign me up! I love stories where Moriarty is a girl. And I also really enjoy any and all things Sherlock Holmes. Super excited to find out what this one is all about. I saw some negative reviews on Goodreads but I still want to experience it all for myself. That cover is really ugly though, might need to find another copy….

A Great and Terrible Beauty – Libba Bray This book has been on my want-to-read shelf for quite a while I think! (I looked it up, 2 years, not that bad haha) After reading Beauty Queens by Libba I wanted to read ALLLLL of her books haha. I do own The Diviners but have yet to read it. And I think I’ll wait with buying this one until I read the Diviners, just to be sure Libba Bray’s books are for me. Because I think Beauty Queens was a pretty different story than her other books. Although it was amazing, so much fun, highly recommend it.


Here are a few books set in London that we really want to read. We have quite some books set in London on our wishlist so we might do another edition of this! What are your favorite books that are set in London? We would love to hear from you!

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