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After some shipping problems with 1 item, Fairyloot was finally able to send out the April boxes last week. Mine arrived just before the weekend and naturally I had to open it right away! It actually arrived the next day after I got the shipping email so that was insanely fast. Are you curious as to what was inside? Keep on reading for my April Fairyloot unboxing!

This month’s theme was Whimsical Journeys and I love the art on the spoiler card. Every month we get another stunning piece of art and I adore them so much!

The first item I saw when opening the box was this really cute travelmug. I recognized the style right away as Ink and Wonder and I love her stuff <3 I haven’t read Narnia and while I did see some of the movies I was never an actual fan so this doesn’t get me super excited. The item does look really good and I love the type of item. Really hope they’ll include more travelmugs with other fandoms! It’s really colorful and it does look really good to display.

Next item is this notepad with the quote ‘LET’S CARPE THE HELL OUT OF THIS DIEM’ and that’s from The Darkest Minds series by Alexandra Bracken. I’m honestly a little disappointed by this item, I love The Darkest Minds so I was really looking forward to the item inspired by this series. However this is really, really simple. Like there is hardly any design, it’s just the words and a little bit of black around the edges.

After that little disappointment I found something that did make me really happy! I found a little box with Flick the Wick on it and I just knew we would get a nice candle. The Flick the Wick candles are AMAZING so this is a very exciting item. The smell is so nice and the label is gorgeous. I didn’t know what fandom this candle was relating too but it turns out it goes with the book we got! It’s so exciting to get a item that is based on the featured book, if you like the book you already have some merch.

This is an exciting item! It’s a really cute luggage tag based on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them <3 (please let it be November soon so we can watch FBAWTFT 2!) I love traveling and it will be so much fun to have this tag on my suitcase. This was designed by Lovely Owls Books and while it’s simple I really like it.

A PIN <3 I love pins haha. And I love horses, especially flying ones 😉 I read the Percy Jackson series and I did enjoy it but once again not really a big fangirl. But like I said I love horses so I do still really like this item and it’s pretty good quality. This pin was designed by Taratjah, who also does the art on the spoiler cards and she did the label on the Flick and Wick candle.

Next up, this stunning art print by Fictiontea Designs. I love love love this design and so many of my favorite fictional places are on here <3 In another bookbox I got a similar art print but this one is for sure better haha. And that is mostly because there are so many of my favorite places on there, I know I’m repeating myself but I just love it haha.

It was revealed that we would get a tote bag designed by Stella’s Bookish Art. Her artstyle is really nice and you can see it’s by her right away. I love this quote from the Hobbit and tote bags are one of my favorite items to get. However, because this is a full-color tote bag it’s not a canvas one and I don’t really like this material to be honest. The quality is great and it looks beautiful but I just don’t like the feel of it.

The book this month was Beyond A Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake. I didn’t guess that we would get this book so for once I was actually surprised! This hasn’t really been on my radar but the synopsis sounds pretty interesting. I also really like this cover.

With the book we also got a bookplate, this stunning art work with a letter from the author on the other side and another sticker that I forgot to include… oops! Especially the artwork is really great. It looks wonderful and I hope Fairyloot will include more character artwork for the featured book.

This were all the items we got in the box! What did you think? I know a lot of people said this was one of their favorite boxes from Fairyloot ever. That’s not the case for me. While it was a good box it definitely wasn’t my favorite. This might be due to the fandoms not really being mine and then the fandom I was most excited for was the least excited item. I am pretty happy with the box and I hope to read the book soon! Let me know what you think in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Unboxing | Fairyloot April

  1. I just did my own Unboxing post! This was my 1st ever book box that I’ve gotten so I wasn’t too sure how I felt about it! There were some items that I really loved but others, especially the note pad, that I wasn’t too fond of!

    1. Yeah the note pad was pretty disappointing 🙁 I know a lot of people have said this was their favorite box from Fairyloot but I think it’s one of my lesser favorites actually. I don’t want to say least favorites as I did really enjoy a couple of the items. And I’m incredibly excited for the books in the boxes to come. I LOVE sprayed edges

    1. It’s so cute!! Can’t wait to wear it somewhere haha

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