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I have talked about Bittersweet by Carmen Jenner and Lauren McKellar before, but today it’s time for my review. If you want to know what I thought of this book, keep on reading!


Bittersweet, an all-new hilarious romantic standalone from USA Today bestselling authors Carmen Jenner & Lauren McKellar is available NOW!


From two USA Today bestselling authors comes a tale of miscommunication and muffins.

Romy Love knows weddings. As the author of a hugely successful wedding blog, you’d think she’d have love covered. It is her last name, after all.

When it comes to her big day, Romy has the flowers picked out, a dress collecting dust in the back of her closet, and a preacher on standby. There’s just one problem: the groom doesn’t know it yet.

Romy has eyes for the Italian coffee god and single dad who owns the bakery in her building—she also has plans for his delicious buns—but in order to get her happily-ever-after, she has a few things to check off her list first:

Lose twenty pounds

Take over the blogging world one wedding at a time

Make Coffee Hottie fall in love with me

Yeah, this shouldn’t be difficult at all.


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Cover I love the soft colors on this cover. Once again I’m not a big fan of people on the cover, but this one isn’t too bad. I think I would’ve liked it more if it looked like the banner of this post.

Plot After reading Cake, I knew that I needed to read this one. It sounded just like my kind of book. I was definitely right about that. Romy, a wedding blogger, was cheated on while planning her wedding. While she wants to get married, at the moment she’s happy with advising other brides to be. Elio is a single father and has his own business, Bittersweet. Romy goes there everyday to get coffee and some sweet treat. Slowly she’s falling for Elio. There are a lot of hilarious moments and ones that make your heart melt. This book proves how easy miscommunication can ruin something good. I’d say it teaches us to make sure to ask questions, instead of just assuming things. I loved the romance and buildup in this book. Elio’s little girl is adorable and he’s her everything. The moments with her were really sweet. The only reason this book didn’t get five stars is that near the ending things felt a bit rushed. The build up took just a little bit too long. Other than that a great book that leaves a smile on your face. The little blog posts we got in this book gave the perfect touch and the advice she gave was funny and sweet.

Characters Romy is a sweet character. Even though she was cheated on, she is still very passionate about her wedding blog. She has curves and while it makes her a bit insecure, she isn’t upset with her body. I loe how akward she can get when it comes to Elio. It’s so funny and I can relate with being a bit awkward. I didn’t like it when she was with Mark (I mean come on, he was a jerk) and it wasn’t right that she felt that way with him. It was good to see that she was able to learn to be herself and that a man wasn’t the solution of being happy.

Elio is so sweet and kind. He has his own business and is hard working. I love him with his little girl. There’s just something about men and babies. When they are so kind and you just see them melt for their own child, it’s so touching. He is a hardworker and loves to read. I can’t say no to a guy like that. While he didn’t have the easiest past with woman, he finally wants to give it another go. Only to solve a few issues with communication. He’s a definite family man!

About the Authors

Carmen Jenner and Lauren K. McKellar are USA Today bestselling authors of a combined twenty-seven books.

They share a love of rom-com, hot baristas and muffins.

You can find more of their books on their websites: &


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If you are looking for a fast and fun read, this is definitely a book for you. After reading that combined, they have written 27 books, I think I need to look up more. These are perfect books for this time of year.


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