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Leah’s Song is the second book in the Mountain Creek Drive trilogy. I already read and reviewed Stage Kiss, so I was happy to get the opportunity to read the second one as well. I was curious to see if this one would bring me down memory lane just like Stage Kiss did.


Leah’s Song was released on March 13th. Would you give up your perfect guy to keep your best friend happy?
Between her soccer superstar big sister and musical prodigy best friend, Leah Cooper has never been in the spotlight. And she’s fine with that.
So why would she ever try out for choir? Oh right, the incredibly hot new neighbor Josh, who she might like more than she secretly loves boy bands.
The only problem is, her best friend Lilly likes him, too. They promise each other they’ll both stay away, but Josh doesn’t seem to want to stay away from Leah…
A throwback to the early 2000’s, Mountain Creek Drive is a new contemporary YA romance series that will have you longing for the days when Britney loved Justin and you had to share cell phone minutes with your siblings. Back when Friday nights were made for football games and sleepovers with the friends you’d do anything for.


An author that finally gets it. That I don’t want to see faces on a cover, so that I can imagine what the character looks like while reading! This is such a cute cover!! I think this cover matches well with Stage Kiss.


Another wonderful book in this trilogy. Once again, my only real complaint was that it was too short, haha. I loved Leah. She just wants everything to go well and her friendship with Lily. Josh showing up kind of puts a strain on their relationship. They both seem to like him, so they agree not to do anything or spend time alone with him. I love how they were busy making plans to make certain things happen. I kind of felt bad for Leah. She’s the middle child and doesn’t seem to get much attention. Her sister the star soccer player and her brother who does a lot of things he’s not supposed to, doesn’t leave much attention left for Leah. When she joins choir, she’s so excited, but her family is anything but supportive. Leah is really talented, even more than she realizes. I loved that Leah started thinking more about herself and what she wanted during this book. She became confident and decided to stand up for herself. Josh was really sweet as well. Trying to find his new way in a new school and learning what he really wants. Typical high school drama takes place, but that fit perfectly in this book. Once again they took me back to being a teenager with references about Polly Pocket, NSYNC, The Real World, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Blockbuster. I can’t wait to read the next book.


Leah is more of an introvert and at home she doesn’t really feel seen. It’s hard when your older sister wants to be a soccer player and is constantly being brought to everything and a younger brother who keeps getting in trouble. She’s happy with her best friend though and I thought it was amazing she tried out for choir. It was fun seeing Leah grow during this book. She became more confident and finally stood up to her best friend when she went too far. Even though it really hurt. Leah was finally able to show how she really feels and even her parents finally saw her.

Lily is a funny character and really supportive of Lily in the beginning. At times she annoyed me though. Even though Leah met Josh first and it was clear they connected, Lily didn’t want her to go for it. Even when she clearly liked another boy and she liked him. I thought this was really selfish. Leah finally opening her mouth woke her up though. In the end I came to like her again. I loved their friendship and remember doing a lot of the things they did  when I was a teenager.

Josh was interesting. Even though he was in to sports, it didn’t stop him from singing as well. Most guys I know wouldn’t have done that as well. He’s a good friend and it’s clear he likes Leah, but he respects her decision when she doesn’t want to hurt her best friend. Definitely the boy next door and a good book boyfriend!

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If you were a teenager like I was in the early 2000s and love contemporary reads, then this is definitely a book for you! It was so much fun reading about things I loved or that were current around that time.

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