Mini Reviews | Comics Edition #4

Recently I’ve been reading a lot of comics and manga’s and I’ve been enjoying myself a lot. I read them quite quickly but there can still be so much story packed in those thin books. Today I’ve got an interesting mix of 3 comics for you guys. Let’s see what I read and what I thought of those comics.

17131869Saga Volume 2 – Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

I was so happy to return to this world and was in the middle of the story right away. Even though it had been a while it didn’t take me long to get sucked into the story at all. As I said about volume 1, there are quite some storylines going on, however in this second volume I felt like it made more sense and I could easily see how all of these were connected. We learned more about the backstory of some of the characters and I really enjoyed that. It made the characters more interesting and got me more invested in the story. We also learn more about the universe of Saga, mostly about the history. We got to meet Marko’s parents and I liked reading about them, I hope we’ll meet Alana’s parents as well.

The art work is still so stunning and love looking at all the frames. I think it is clear I’m really enjoying this series and would highly recommend it!

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20898019Ms. Marvel Volume 1: No Normal – G. Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona

I have been wanting to read Ms. Marvel for quite a while now. I heard a ton of good things and I love superhero stories. Last month I finally got my hands on volume 1 and read it right away. This comic was thinner than I expected, although 120 pages isn’t too bad.

I liked the art work in Ms. Marvel, it’s not as beautiful in Saga for example but it’s still very well done. As with Spider Gwen there are some references in here to other Marvel stories. However, I didn’t feel so confused this time around, possibly because I know a bit about the stories that were referenced or maybe because it didn’t feel like you were missing out on any of the story.

This was very much an origin story and I liked following Kamala while she got her powers and made a first effort in mastering them. Kamala is a Muslim girl and I loved the diversity in this comic. While there was some stereotyping regarding the Muslim family I still think it was a pretty good depiction. I liked Kamala’s parents and what their strict rules meant for the story. You could clearly see that they loved her a lot. I also liked Kamala’s friendship with Bruno and can’t wait to read more about him.

As I said, you follow Kamala while she gets her powers. It was a little bit confusing how it happened and I hope we’ll get a bit more of an insight of this later on in the series. What I liked most about this comic is that Kamala struggled a lot. She struggled mastering her powers and she struggled being a superhero. This seemed quite realistic for this type of situation. I will definitely be continuing this story and am very excited about doing so.

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13533748Fables Volume 1: Legends in Exile – Bill Willingham, Lan Medina, Steve Leialoha, Craig Hamilton, & James Jean

After my America Bookhaul I went on another little shopping trip and found Fables vol 1. I liked the look of the cover and decided to take a closer look. I didn’t read the whole synopsis but as soon as I realized it was about fairytale characters living in our world I knew I wanted to read it! I love the tv show Once Upon A Time and while this story was definitely different it did have some of the things I love so much.

This art style was quite different from the art in the other comics I have been reading lately but I thought it looked beautiful. It had a bit more of an adult feel to it somehow. The whole comic had more adult themes than any other I have read. The fairytale characters we know and love have been alive for a very long time and happily ever after doesn’t last forever. Some of our favorite couples got a divorce and while others are still married I wouldn’t call it a happy marriage haha. The characters were all forced out of their kingdoms by some villain and had to leave most of their possessions behind. I enjoyed the story in this first volume a lot, we follow the sheriff on a possible murder investigation. You learn a bit about what caused our characters to evacuate to our world and a bit about what they’ve been up to since.

I wanted to run to the store immediately and get the next volume! I did contain myself but will get the next one(s) very soon. I cannot wait to continue on with this story.

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I have been enjoying my comics a lot! I will have a manga version of the mini reviews for you all soon as I have been reading a couple of those as well. Whenever I feel a bit of a slump coming on I pick up a comic or a manga and I get in the reading mood right away! Do you read comics and manga? Have you read any of these 3? Let me know what you thought of them in the comments!

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    1. I (isabelle) did know that and I’m SO SO SO EXCITED!! Shame on you Candyce for not knowing 😉 possibly shame on me for not telling you haha

  1. YAS for Saga! <3 And I wish that I'd enjoyed Ms Marvel more than I did…sigh. I might have to give it another try!

    1. It’s always so sad when you’re hoping to really like something and then you just don’t ??‍♀️ I haven’t been reading that much comics yet so I might not be as critical as I could be probably but so far really enjoying it

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