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At the beginning of the year I was approached by Morgan and she asked if I wanted to read and review her book. After reading what it was about, I knew I had to give it a try. I’m happy I did, because I ended up loving this book and I can’t get the second one fast enough!


Some færytales end with a kiss, but for Elizabeth and Ferryl, the kiss is only the beginning.

When the memories of their happily-ever-before are inexplicably stolen, Elizabeth sets off to uncover the truth and save her fabled love with the crown prince, no matter the cost. Meanwhile, Prince Ferryl must unravel the mystery behind his father’s crippling headaches, grapple with the band of rebels infiltrating the borders of his kingdom with suspicious acumen, and undermine the manipulation of a queen with an unslakable thirst for power and control. All while trying to keep his mind off the beautiful stranger who seems to know and understand him too well.

The Promised One is the first book of The Chalam Færytales series—a coming-of-age epic fantasy, a story that begins after the first kiss. It’s a færytale to remind us that magic is everywhere, if only we look—and love may be the most powerful magic there is.


I love this cover, it’s simple but fits the book. We read about moths flying around Ferryl, so it’s fun to see them on this cover.


One morning Ferryl’s memories of Elizabeth are just gone! I can’t imagine what it’s like waking up one morning and your loved one doesn’t remember who you are anymore. He notices that he feels a connection with her and the fact she works in a stable doesn’t seem right, haha. Ferryl doesn’t get what’s going on though. Morgan takes us on an amazing journey of politics, love and lost magic. Every chapter has it’s own POV and this makes the world complete. This gives us a glimpse in the castle, but also outside of it. A lot is going on in this world and the Queen is trying to make it seem like nothing is going on. The author knows how to make us suspicious of certain characters, but also make us grow to love characters. I loved how certain side characters kept getting a bit more time and we learned a lot about them through the main characters. In a world where magic is illegal, but doesn’t seem to exsist really makes me wonder how the story will continue. Even though this story leaves us guessing, it only makes you want more. Morgan Farris has an amazing way with words that sucks your right into this world. This is a definitely a compliment to Morgan as to how well she was able to build this world for us. It’s filled with humor, love, mystery and a bit of magic. Even though Ferryl couldn’t remember much, his heart still remembered a lot. I loved how this was such a big part of the story. All I know is I really need more of these characters and continue their journey with them!

“For it is only in the telling and the retelling of stories that we being to unlock their secrets.”


Ferryl is a prince and is set to be King. He is determined to marry for love, but it seems to keep going different than he plans. If it was up to his mother he would already be married to a girl to help the Kingdom. He is a hard worker, genuine and very loving. Ferryl can be stubborn at time, but will listen to reason. Even when confused, he still tries to follow his heart.

Elizabeth is grateful for her father. Even though he isn’t her biological father, he took her in when she needed someone and has treated her like his own since then. Elizabeth loves Ferryl with all her heart and is horrified when he just seems to forget who she is one day. She is determined to make him remember though and in certain ways enjoys their journey of getting to know each other one again. Even though she doesn’t choose to start a journey to find out who she is, the Queen makes is hard for her not to. This brings so much new information and she really wonders who she is. While figuring things out, she realizes she needs to fight for who she loves. I think there is a lot more to Elizabeth than what we have seen so far and I can’t wait to find out what that is.

Delaney wasn’t a girl I liked at all after reading the first couple of chapters about her. She seemed spoiled and plain mean. After a few chapters she started growing on me. In the end, Delaney is just a girl being used to gain power for her father and hide the family secrets. She much rather marry the one she loves, but doesn’t have much choice. In the end she’s very caring and not selfish like I once thought she was. I really hope she sees her own happy ending.

Michael isn’t a character we saw a lot of, but when we did I really loved him. He is a soldier and a guard in the castle, but also one of Ferryl’s closest friends. Michael is gentle and even though he wants to stick to the rules, he can’t help break them a bit to help the people he cares for.

Ferryl’s father and brother are amazing men who fight for what’s right even though it isn’t easy. His brother is always seen as  the second and less important son, while he has so much to say. Ferryl’s father knows what needs to happen, but seems to keep getting headaches (we all know that something is going on with that). I hope to see more of their journey in the upcoming books.

The Queen, Ferryl’s mother, just doesn’t seem human. To me she is really cruel and selfish. She manipulates people to do what she wants and isn’t scared to do things to make people go away. I really don’t like her, haha.

recensie 5 kroontjes

If I could rate this book higher I would, haha! Hopefully we get a lot more to read in this amazing world! If you are curious about this book and want to know a little bit more, later today an interview will the author will be coming online. So definitely check that out!

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