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When I read what this book was about, I expected an epic love story between two people who weren’t supposed to be together. This was kind of true, but this book was so much more than I expected. I have read a lot of romances and forbidden loves, but never something like this. This book impressed me so much that I actually finished it in one day.


Crazy Madly Deeply was released on March 14th, 2018.

Holden sees things.
Lots of things.
Things we would call ugly, but he believes are beautiful.

He paints sad pictures.
And strums lonely guitars.
He drowns out the taunting voices while shunning the expected norms.

I let them hurt him.
I wasn’t strong enough to speak out.
I hurt him, too, only to prove I wasn’t just like him.

But then I saw him.
I heard him.
I learned why Holden wasn’t CRAZY like they said.

I loved him MADLY.
I fell for him DEEPLY.
And alone, I decided to save a man who was the most beautiful of us all.


This cover is simple and to the point. It may not be my favorite, but it does fit the book. To be honest, I picture Holden a lot differently, haha.


This book was nothing like I expected and that was in such an amazing way. I had never read a Lily White book before this one, but I’m starting to wonder why I didn’t start sooner. Holden hasn’t had an easy life. Always seen as an outcast and as crazy, because he doesn’t follow the social rules of a rich town. For some reason someone is out to get him and he loses everything he knows and loves in a short amount of time. Michaela has always been a popular girl, but her parents have kind of always controlled her life. What she did, with who, etc. She always was the good girl who followed along and never stuck up for herself. This made Michaela notice Holden. He was the only one she knew who didn’t care what others thought. Their lives intwine one night when their worlds turn upside down. The more Michaela gets to know about Holden the more she realizes she needs to be her own person and stand up for herself. Her parents only want to use her for their status and reputation. The both face their devils and past and grow together. Holden finally opens up to her and is ready to feel loved. This book is full of plot twists I didn’t see coming and help from corners that are very unexpected. This town is wrong on so many levels and got away with it way too long. Lily White’s writing had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t put this book down. I can’t give too many details without spoiling, but people really need to read this book!


Holden is an introvert. He is diferent than the kids at the school he goes to. Holden’s not the type to try and fit in and doesn’t see why he should. The people at this school and try to get away with everything and often do. This really frustrates him. Holden thinks justice is important. After losing everything important to him, he does everything in his power to keep his sister happy. He won’t let anyone in, but just gets by. Then one night his world is once again flipped upside down and he plans to take responsibility. That is until Michaela walks into his life and shows him what it’s like to be loved. It’s a messed up situation, but works for them I guess. Holden processes everything in his art and learns there are more people that love him than he realizes.

Michaela hasn’t really ever done what she wants. She does everything to keep her parents happy, even staying with a guy they want to see her marry while he cheats and treats her in a horrible way. One night things take a turn she never saw coming and she finally sees a way out. Just like Holden, she learns what love is and that she is worth so much more than sitting pretty and doing what her parents want to make them look good. Michaela finds real love and finally learns to stand up for herself.

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I want to tell you all so much more about this book, but there are no words. It’s so good and different than anything I’ve read. In a way it’s kind of dark, a lot happens in that town that isn’t right. I really hope to read more by this author, because she is very talented!

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